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Cooking Games For Girls

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Put on your cook apron and… grab your Android phone, for you're about to attend a truly amazing cooking class or I'd better say a 4-in-1 cooking class: Cooking Games for Girls! You'll be digging up some of the Japanese cuisine's best kept secrets, you'll be learning all about cooking the yummiest burgers and, of course, you'll get to serve your yummy dishes to some truly adorable customers, who're crazy about the way you cook. Have fun!
As I've mentioned, thee are in fact 4 different free cooking games that you get to enjoy after you've downloaded this girl games pack on your Android phone:
Delicious Sandwiches
Finding yourself behind the counter of a super crowded sandwich shop will definitely be a great challenge even for a sandwich “expert” like you. Can you see the ingredients displayed on both sides of your phone's touchscreen, grouped in foodies and drinks? Depending on your hungry customers' food orders you should pick the right type of refreshing drinks and to assemble their favorite types of sandwiches or burgers, too. Once you're done with that, just click on the microwave symbol on top of your screen and test your reaction times, for you'll need to click the “stop” button the very instant that the moving little yellow arrow reaches the vividly green zone on the bar there, on the microwave oven. Is this like one of the truly fast-paced coking games for girls that you've ever played or what? It's then that you can be sure your yummy sandwich will come up looking all mouth-watering browned, perfectly cooked!
Milk for Kittens
Imagine lots and lots of fluffy cute kittens pleading you to feed them their favorite foodies! You have the power to make them purr with delight as they enjoy their top favorite delicious biscuits, fish dishes or vitamins-filled kitty snacks, or simply a bowl filled with yummy fresh milk. Don't think it will be easy, for in no time you'll have lots of fluffy feline customers to attend to!. Simply click on the wanted foodies once you've spotted them in the kitchen and then on the meowing customers and your reward will be the little red hearts popping up on your screen, a sign that you've won their affection! We're pretty sure you'll qualify this particular game as one of the cutest ones from the cooking games for girls pack!
Pampered Puppies
How could you not want to pamper them, to super spoil them and do anything for making them wagging their cute tails with joy! Still, don't waste too much time admiring them, for they're kind of hungry, you know, or maybe thirsty, and you'll have to be quick to make their wishes come true. Could you deny that usually games for girls which feature such adorable animal characters are some of the most addictive ones? Is it some yummy doggy snacks that they'd have or maybe just some fresh water, after all the running and jumping in the backyard? Simply drag and drop the bowls corresponding to the one showing up in the puppies' wish bubbles!
Spring Rolls
It makes no difference what season it is, for spring rolls make a great dish any time of the year! Well, then how about testing both your sushi roll cooking skills and your reaction times, too, putting together some delicious sushi dishes in the blink of an eye? This is one of those truly challenging, fast-paced free cooking games, so make sure you're efficient as a sushi chef within the given time! Pay attention to the foodies appearing in the order there, on top of your screen and then make sure to click the right shapes and the right flavors and colors as you use that sushi “machinery' you have in this virtual sushi factory here. Have fun!
Play Cooking Games for Girls whenever you want to put together your passion for cooking with your weakness for animal cuteness!
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