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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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NEW: Sweet Original Candy Game!

Popular Game! CandySwipe Free is Now Also an Online Social Game!
Loved by the whole family, both adults and kids (boy or girl)!
A new addicting casual sweet game with swipe action and candy theme. Swipe as much candy as you can to remove candy pieces for points! Swipe your finger across matching candy pieces left/right, up/down, or diagonally for score and time. Challenging!
Tired of the same old games, puzzle games, word games, recycled free games, solitaire, and games with jewels?
1 of the more popular original free candy games out.
If you like fun addicting games like, bejeweled, bejeweled 2, bubble blast 2, zuma, jewellust, jewels, tetris, or other similar games, you’ll love CandySwipe Free! One of the new/very popular free adult and kids games! Even entertaining for your toddler.
NOT a bejeweled 2 copy
10 Levels! Game time drops faster after each level
Un-lock “Never Ending” mode in paid version.

New Friends Mode makes CandySwipe Free a sweet social candy game you can challenge your friends online and see your bff games scores on your phone along side yours.

Move to SD Card!

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the newest Bejeweled! This is Candy Swipe. I played it on my Android phone, and it is just as addictive as candy.” -MobileWhack

How to play CandySwipe Free:
CandySwipe Free is challenging and designed to be played by both adults and kids.
Swipe as much candy as you can to remove candy pieces for points! Swipe you finger across matching candy pieces either up/down, left/right, or even diagonally no keyboard required. The object of the game is to collect as many candy pieces as you can in a single swipe without touching non matching candy pieces. This earns points and time.

You can even go back for missed candy pieces during your swipe as long as you don’t touch any other non-matching pieces along the way.

The player starts the game with 100 seconds on the games clock

There are 10 levels. The player will reach a new level and more time every 2,500 points.

Your games score is calculated by the number of candy pieces swiped multiplied by itself. For example, if you swipe 9 pieces 9×9=81 etc.

Gumballs are wild and double your swipe score.

Your game difficulty level dictates how much time is added when you swipe:

Normal – adds 1 second for every 25 points acquired in a single swipe.(Swiping 5 will add 1 second to the games time)

Too Easy – adds 1 second for every 9 points acquired in a single swipe. (Swiping 3 will add 1 second to the games time)

Hard – adds 1 second for every 64 points acquired in a single swipe. (Swiping 8 will add 1 second to the games time)

Under Pressure – starts with 20 seconds.

Swiping 10 candies in normal mode earns you 100 points and 4 seconds added to your clock.

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Some of the Best CandySwipe Free Android Market Comments:

“Best game ever! Gets the adrenaline going and the added bonus is the non-caloric intake of such sweetness. Kudos to the creator (s).” by Jacqueline

“It is the best game that i’ve ever played” by Sandra

“One of the best free games out” by Jenna

“Totally addicting!” by Judy

“Awesome. Completely addicting. Fun for me and my five year old.” by Kristen

“1 of the best kids games for my niece” by Tracey

“Addictive! I love it!” by Alicia

“Awesome game! Addicting I like the swipe so do my kids.” by Jason

“This game is so much fun..addicting as well!” by Kathie

“Playing it during my pregnancy. LOVE IT!” by Shell

“One of my fav apps. It’s the “new” Bejeweled :)” by Rachel

“OMG Very addictive kids love it” by Alice

CandySwipe reserves the right to anonymously track and report a user’s activity inside of the game.

App on motorola droid, samsung galaxy, etc. iphone ipad Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Recent changes:
Support for Samsung Galaxy s4 and HTC One

Content rating: Everyone

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