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Poop Poo

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Poop Poo PoopGame Tap Touch Shit Dodge PoopDodge ShitDodge Pou Im pala Dog Cat Pig Kid Fun Easy Simple Casual Teddy UFO Bomb Poop 10birdgames
++ Poop Poo ? ++
+ Poop Poo~♪ Just Tap !!
+ 3 Poop Stage (Town, Playground, Circus Carnival)
+ Stupid, but Cute Character & Poop Enemy
+ Collect all the Poop Object
+ Very Simple Poop Game Application Tap & Touch
+ Big Poop Mode Update Complete
++ How to Poop Poo ++
1. Poop Tap = +1 Poop Point
2. Enemy Tap = -1 Enemy HP
3. When the Enemy Attacks = -Poop Point
4. Defense Enemy Attack
5. When Attacks Continue = GameOver
6. Collect the Money to Upgrade
++ Poop Stage ++
Easy Poop Tap = 1~90 stage
Normal Poop Tap = 1~200 stage
Hard Poop Tap = 1~900 stage
Big Poop = Infinite Poop Tap
Easy Infinite: 90000 Poop Tap
Normal Infinite: 90000 Poop Tap
Hard Infinite: 120000 Poop Tap

# If you like Tap Touch Game, and Run Rush games, you'd love this!
You should try if you Enjoy Simple Games like Puzzle Casual Arcade and Easy Craft Crayon Draw Brix Game, We will continue to make Run Tap Shooter Bounce jump Running Tamago Game, and distribute educational games that stimulate your creativity or imagination. Stay tuned!
# No violence, No cruelty
Absolutely no violent materials like Run Tap Shooter Defender Bounce Tamago. Zombie Dragon Defense Wall Bomb Gun Laser Ninja Sword Weapon appears more in WarGame Many popular games have too much violence and cruelty such as plants explosion breaking crush cut cutting and shoot shooting. We did not use violence inducing subject matters.
# We only used this
Cute Character like Impala Dog Cat Pig Rabbit, Fresh Fruit & Delicacy Banana Apple Cacao Carrot Cake Coffe Cookie Water Melon, Balloon Brix Box Block Pop Star Moon Cloud, and Ice Fire Heal Carrot Pet Tiger Lion Bunny Snail Monkey Duck Chicks Penguin Jaguar Horse Hamster Snake Fox Giraffe Raccon Hippo Iguana Lizard Parrot Pigeon Crocodile Similar to Cartoon Disney, Comic Nerd Idiot Character, Casual Simply Design, and where's Weird Monster
# Enjoy all by yourself
Social games like village palm island and Board games like town marble gets tiring eventually since it constantly requires competition with your friends. This game is so Retro that you can enjoy it all by yourself, or with friends next to you. Don't you miss games from 90's?
# Enjoy any where you want
Great to play in AirPlane Metro Submarine Subway Bus Train Transportation Car(of course you shouldn't play while you're driving) Limousine or Hardcore user play in Ship Helicopter Bike Motorcycle, and play in Temple Church Company Factory School Playground Park Bench When boredom hits you while traveling short distance, long distance or when you're simply stressed out, we recommend to play simple games instead of complex ones like Defense Shooter.
# Great for any occasion!
Every so often, your friends are late to meet for movies, shopping, going to amusement park or dining at restaurants, Why don't you distract yourself for a moment with this fun game! It sometimes feel like too much work to work through complicated level up, upgrade, so on. Let's escape from the forced virtual world and let's play just for fun, and play just to enjoy a game.
# Anyone can enjoy it!
It's a great educational tool for Kids Children. Its design will appeal to females. It's easy and simple enough even for middle aged people to play! This game stimulates creativity and imagination which are important for education. Our goal is to make it enjoyable for everybody!

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