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Monsters! Create Cool Monsters


Monsters! Create Cool Monsters

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Create Your Own Monster Dudes! Coolest Monster Game for Kids! Amazing Costumes, Illustrations & Incredible Interactive Elements! Baddest Monsters Game Ever – Hundreds of Dress Up Styles & Wild Looks!

Meet the coolest Monster gang around and dressup this crazy & awesome brood.
★ Baby Jack – A sweet, cute little guy. He likes his pacifier, but don’t get in the way of his bottle! Dress up Baby Jack in adorable and wacky costumes!
★ Bad Willy – The tough guy in the gang. Dress up Bad Willy with dragon tails or horns or maybe to look like a one-eyed alien.
★ Friendly Steve – He’s the biggest of the bunch. Dress up Friendly Steve to look like a cowboy and take him to a movie!
★ Crazy Joe – This monster needs a bath. Crazy Joe digs a dragon dressup ensemble too, but he also loves the samurai warrior dressup look.

This monster brood has attitude. Each monster has his own unique universe made up of costumes, toys, pets, dressup style and more. Kids choose their monster and create his own cool or silly dressup look with wild and colorful animal fur, horns, dragon tails, hats, clothes, boots, gadgets, toys, and costumes to make your monster seriously awesome. Monsters meet aliens in this family fun dress up game that totally rocks! Children will LOVE this game!

Friendly, crazy and cuddly, kids can dress up multiple monsters in costumes. Make a one-eyed alien monster or maybe your monster wants to look like a dragon or have animal fur. Put costumes on your monsters and make them into a superhero or Samurai warrior or even dressup as Santa Claus. This super fun dress up game may be the most incredible kids Monsters game EVER! Check out New York City and the monster movie – animals allowed!

What’s Inside Cool Alien Monsters
★ Tons of interactive elements on each page for children to explore
★ Dress up each of the 4 monsters with his own set of styles and items to make the monsters unique & totally rock!!! They even have their own pets!
★ 15 Types of crazy teeth: Green, gold, shiny, spiky, sharp & tons more for dressup
★ 15 Types of fur: Dreadlocks, multi-colored, animal, Santa, samurai warrior, pirate fur, tiger
★ 15 Tails – Weird and silly with thorns, dragon tail, zebra tail, rainbow tail & more crazy
★ 15 Horns & Hats – Santa hat, sombrero, clown hat, gremlins and dragons, wacky horns and wild styles to dress up your dude
★ 15 Types of eyes: Silly and crazy, sunglasses, goggles & more
★ 15 Types of feet: Fins, skates, sandals, flip flops, cowboy boots & more!
★ 15 Gadgets, toys & monster family fun: Diapers, baby bottle, xylophone, teddy bears, toys, lollipops, skateboards, swords, pets & more!

Features inside Cool Alien Monsters
★ Improved menu system – makes navigation for children easier
★ “Monster Attack” – 4 different scenes: New York City, supermarket, tea party or playground for children to visit with their monsters!

This Monster Dress Up game will entertain the family! Children will love playing dressup with the monsters. Kids create their own style and everyone in the family can choose his or her favorite monster.

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