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Animal Days

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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■Animal Days is recommended for anyone who:
– Likes animals
– Wants to raise animals
– Likes games where you make your own town or village
– Wants to try a game where you help raise villagers
– Likes simulation games
– Wants to try a game with romantic side
★Make the most fantastic city in the world in a hidden forest with your animal friends!
★Start romances with the animals in your friends’ town!
★Animals fall in love, get married, and have cute animal children!
★Get as many animals as you can, and make a bustling animal town!
◇◆◇The Game◇◆◇
Make a town in the forest with cute animal friends!
In this game you will work together with cute animals to make a fantastic town.
Find all types of animals and collect buildings to make a unique town with your cute animal friends!
Your animals and your friends’ animals will have romances and make children.
Start romances with different animals to get new animals that will live in your town.
In the middle of the forest near your town lies the Mysterious Pond. You can free, cute Decorations and Houses from the Mysterious Pond every day!
Decorate your town with your favorite buildings and develop your town into the best that it can be!
Build Houses and start romances to increase the number of animals that live in your town!
There are over 100 animals, all with unique personalities!
Your favorite animal is waiting for you!
You will find Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Penguins, Mice, and more!
The animals experience all sorts of Dilemmas.
If you help solve their Dilemmas, they will give you items and special buildings, so solve as many as you can and expand your town!
Animal Days is free to install.
*Some services, and all paid services, require GREE membership and an active login to be used.
*It is possible to register with GREE from this application.
■Supported Environment
Android 2.2 or higher, 1GB of RAM or more (not including some devices/tablets)
■Confirmed Android Devices
Arrows Me(F-11D)
GALAXY Tab 10.1LTE(SC-01D)
Arrows Z(ISW11F)
(As of January, 2013)
*Some operations may appear slow even on confirmed devices. We ask for your understanding in this matter.
*We cannot guarantee operations on unconfirmed devices.
To confirm devices supported by the SNS function of GREE, please perform the following:
●From the Top of the smartphone version of GREE → Help Center → What devices are supported by the smartphone version of GREE?
■Addressing Application Force Close (Feb. 7th, 2013)
The issue that caused the application to frequently force close during start up and/or play due to a lack of available RAM on the play device has been addressed. *On some devices, force quit may still occur.
We sincerely apologize to all of the Animal Days fans for this inconvenience. We continue to make improvements regarding this force close issue, so we ask for your patience in this matter.
【Frequently Asked Questions Regarding How to Play the Game】
■How do I get Penguins?
・A Penguin will move to your town if you buy the Ribbon House from the Shop.
・By doing this, romances you start with your Penguin may result in Penguin children.
・Set a Penguin as a Favorite in Animals under Menu to start a romance with your Penguin.
■About Romance Partners
・By tapping on Find Someone Special or Romance with Neighbors in the Romance tab of the Dilemmas screen, you can find a partner to start a romance with.
・Tap the Next button on the right side of the screen to see different partners to start a romance with.

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