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Devil Wars

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Devil Wars is an arcade war game which combines the formulas of defense and real-time strategy games.

Libyan War
Old soldiers never die! Let battle commence!
On 19 March 2011,the Pentagon began “Operation Odyssey Dawn” in Libya.The U.S., U.K. and France at long last intervened in Libya as Qaddafi’s forces began the final assault to finish off the rebels. After thousands of deaths and incalculable destruction, Operation Odyssey Dawn began with air and missile strikes on Qaddafi’s tanks and air defenses in an attempt to perform an rescue.
Odyssey Dawn is an intense helicopter shoot-em-up with many levels of non-stop explosive action.Blast away waves of choppers, trucks, jets, and tanks before facing the bombers, armored airships.Use upgrades to boost your firepower, blitzing the enemy in a torrent of destruction.Don’t forget to collect those weapons in upgrades to boost firepower.The stronger will be the winner.
1. Collect upgrades
2. Avoid bullets and destroy enemies
3. You’ll advance in rank while you kill more enemies.
4. Move your fingers around the screen to navigate the warplane,it will fly towards your tap position automatically.

The forces of war are upon us. Do you have what it takes for world domination?
Do you have what it takes to lead the most powerful force the world has ever seen? Build an army, stock up your arsenal, and annihilate all those who oppose you. Conquer the world by land, sea, and air.

Zombie War
It’s time to kill zombies boy. Are you ready?
Daniel is a soldier who was appointed to control the zombie epidemic in the world. He is a strong soldier and knows a lot about guns:
-Machine gun
-Fire gun
-Electric gun
-Explosive mine
The zombies are in the city, in the jungle, desert, on Route 66, and abandoned villages.
If you want to win, don’t let Daniel die and make sure the zombies don’t escape.
Another thing! Have more fun with good music.

The time has come! Please put your hands together and get your thumbs at the ready for the first free MMO Real Time Strategy game for mobile devices! Now you’ve got an opportunity to fight other strategists in real-time online action absolutely free! HeroCraft offers you the chance to try the first Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy game on Android, Art Of War: Online. The game is a combination of dynamic gameplay and tactical depths. Like Gear Games’s “Art of War 2: The Global Confederation”, ported by HeroCraft to Android last year, you will need to focus your attention on nothing but battle action and military base construction. There is no need to mine resources as they are now gained automatically. There are loads of weapons, buildings and several ways to upgrade your army. Lead your armies in two modes: skirmish and tournament. In skirmish mode you can choose an enemy that matches your skill level and defeat him in a one-on-one battle. In tournament mode you won’t be able to choose your opponents but instead try to secure victory over the players who participate in that tournament. That’s where the real battle begins!

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