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Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to play a very long game. Check out our list of casual games, which only take a few minutes to play. Notable games include Angry Birds!

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Throw The Knife Free


Throw The Knife Free

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Updated June 27, 2012
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Greatest hit of all times!

Hate flies? We do too! That’s why we spend millions of dollars developing a game that really sticks it to them. Or rather knives into them.

In throw the knife you try and save Buddy, an adorable little creature that for some reason attracts hundreds of pesky flies. Your job is to grab the sharpest object your money can buy and hurl it at the flies and mosquitoes who just won’t leave Buddy alone.


– Beautiful, fun, quirky artwork and sounds!
– Endless hours of fun – the better you play, the more you play.
– Lots of sharp objects to hurl at those pesky flies! (Plus a secret one hidden somewhere in the game!)
– Big selection of fun costumes to dress up your knife throwing buddy!
– Many types of background boards to choose from!
– Different types of game modes, including a “Bloody Mode” – it’s exactly how it sounds.

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