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RyZm FULL FREE sequencer


RyZm FULL FREE sequencer

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Create music with ease!
RyZm creates intelligent musical loops that continuously evolve and never end, remaining always at your command.

You are not a musician? You don’t need years of music school: with RyZm you can compose and feel like an expert in seconds. A very relaxing and satisfying hobby.

You are a rapper or a hip hop composer? Simply set your favourite tempo and preferred sequences, rap and sing over it, within seconds. It becomes your perfect rapping tool.

You are a musician? RyZm is an infinite source of inspiration for new rhythms at your commands. You can also improvise over RyZm with your instrument.

RyZm is different from traditional sequencers. RyZm is alive: its loops evolve during time creating continuously different athmospheres, that range from hard rock to psychedelic athmospheres, funk and jazz. But with just few taps you can edit the sequences and decide what RyZm should invent, and what part is instead reserved to you.

– Enjoy RyZm that plays music never heard before
– Interact with RyZm that is composing music like in a jam session
– Decide RyZm’s role and your role
– Create music by yourself using predefined patterns
– Edit your own patterns and compose your original own music!

50 high quality sounds, among which:
– 11 drumset sounds
– 8 percussive sounds, acoustic and electronic
– 8 useful sound effects
– well coordinate sounds of electric rock guitar, bass and electric piano

– Over 40 sequences just for kick and snare, that can be coupled with dozens of sequences of hihat and cymbals, toms, percussions, and harmonic sequences of electric piano, guitar and bass, making thousands of possible combinations.

– “Swing” mode for jazz and blues lovers

RyZm is fun for everyone, also for children and kids: let them create their music!

Free version with ads.

Differences between RyZm LITE and RyZm FULL:

RyZm FULL: high-end phones and tablets
RyZm LITE: entry-level phones or devices with memory or bandwidth limitations.

Both versions are free with ads. Both versions have exactly the same sounds. Please choose the version the best fits your device.

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The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Recent changes:
little debugging
better volume sliders
added media player

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