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GotchiCow - sweet cow as a pet


GotchiCow - sweet cow as a pet

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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GotchiCow – Take care of your cow on your farm, feed it when it makes sounds, milk it, clear the rubbish and see that your cow is sleeping from time to time. It begins with a small egg. click it and your cow comes to life! I Watch it grow and become an adult! You get virtual money if you sell the milk of your cow. Food costs money. Compete with other players by selecting the highscore list. the cow on your farm also makes animal sounds sometimes and other sounds when your pet is beeing touched at different body parts. Customize the environment of your cow by selecting a background image from different available backgrounds.
NEW: GotchiCow is now a round based game! Approximately every 2 months a new round begins. Then, all gaming parameters are reset and with a new release of the app you can take part in the new round and compete with the other players from scratch, so that with each new round every player, also the new ones, do have the chance to become the cow pet champion!
You can also buy items in the shop with the money you earned from milking. Buy a milk booster to increase the amount of milk you can sell or a health booster so that your cow can regenerate faster.
In the main screen you can make various things such as pet with your cow or tickle your cow feet.
Your cow is still eating and giving milk when you leave the app. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course you can pause this behaviour by activating the holliday mode. You won't be disturbed by your cow when holliday mode is active. The principle is similar to the time cherished plastic chick called tamagotchi beeing so famous during the 80's.
Gotchi Cow is ideal to be played from time to time in your freetime. No large downloads or complex 3D-animations. Fast and intuitive usibility. Includes a widget to quickly see the status of your cow.
When you leave the app, your pet cow continues to eat and give milk. If the udder is full, the food is empty or when your cow is tired, your pet sounds notifications. You can then open the app again and react accordingly.
Watch the current price for food and milk at the top! Find the best moment to sell milk or buy food for your cow pet.
at the moment the price for milk ranges from 1-100 and the price for food ranges from 1-10.
The app is designed for use with smartphones only with normal to large displays with Android version 4.0 or higher. On smartphones with smaller screens or tablets, the app will probably run but not ideally.
GotchiCow (c) 2013 by Peter Haller. All Rights reserved. Images used in this app partially copyrighted by iStockphoto®.

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