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Doctor X - Med School Game


Doctor X - Med School Game

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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You're the Doc! Fix all of your patients woes whatever they might be! Use real doctor tools to examine, diagnose, and treat your patients! Once you find the right treatment you can fix your patients in no time!

Be the doctor you always wanted to be, and it all starts in Med School! The training hospital is only the beginning! In this first app you get to treat patients to see how you can help them! Medicine is fun! Your patients, Dr. X, can have all sorts of illnesses but you can help them get better easily, since you are a super doc! Use your stethoscope, thermometers, the nurse’s help, and even the electrocardiogram machine to see what’s wrong with the patient!

★ Be sure to pick the right medicine, Doc!
You can hear the heartbeat of your patient with the stethoscope, hearing if everything is alright! Their heart can even make a cool beat too! Get the nurse to listen in too! The thermometer will let you know if the patient has a fever, treat it quick to spare the whole hospital! Use your med school training, don’t mix up the medicine! Diagnose your patients’ hearts with the electrocardiogram! Anything you need to know about your patients is right there! There’s nothing you can’t fix with the nurse’s help, Dr. X!

★ Medicine, doc, it’s all so much fun!
When you are ready to treat them, with your syringes, eye drops, cough syrup or even simple bandages! Your patients can have all sorts of afflictions but in this hospital and your med school training, you have all the medicine you need! The nurse will also be glad to help you out!

★ The nurse knows, this is only the beginning Dr. X!
It’s a crazy time in Med School but in this hospital you can treat all those patients in no time! But Med School is only the beginning, Doc! Brush up in this hospital because There’s more coming, the Urban Heroes will need your help in the next app!

Doctor X – Med School Game Features:
★ Diagnose your patients with the help of awesome measuring tools like the doctor’s own electrocardiogram!
★ Treat them with cough syrup, give them a shot or carefully remove splinters from their skin. They are counting on you!
★ The patients will tell you how they feel like but sometimes they don’t even know what they need!
★ It’s all up to you, the Super Doc, to diagnose them, and treat them with the tools at your disposal!

What's inside Doctor X – Med School Game:
★ Diagnosing tools like the stethoscope, the thermometer, the blood pressure sensor, and electrocardiogram! But there’s so much more!
★ Treatment tools like the tweezers, the eye drops, and you can even give them a shot to fix all of your patients woes and wounds!
★ 16 of Dr. X’s colorful bandages, plasters, and stitches!
★ 4 patients that need you incredible doctor skills!
★ 2 Doctor Kits for all your medical needs, the First Aid Kit and Dr. X’s awesome Pro Kit!

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