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Dwarves' Tale


Dwarves' Tale

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Divine mysteries and legendary treasures await discovery in the depths of the Great Mountain, available through the exciting mobile app Dwarves’ Tale. Start on an epic journey through the mazes of the Mountain with two inseparable dwarves—the adventure-loving Terence and his best friend, the gifted tinkerer Goliath.
Help Terence explore forsaken underground cities, ancient libraries, icy mazes, and many other incredible locations where wild adventures never end. Hunt forgotten lore, collect immeasurable treasure, and forage for rare magical ingredients.
Together with Goliath, build an underground base for the intrepid dungeon explorers and maintain it to ensure a constant supply of provisions and magical equipment necessary for a successful underground adventure.
There is no time to lose—as ancient legend has it, the Sleeping Beauty is waiting for her true love’s kiss somewhere in the Great Mountain! Maybe you will be the one to wake her up.
For the first time ever, a classic dungeon-exploring game boasts an exciting and meaningful story arc rendered in exquisitely detailed graphics. The old familiar tale takes on a new feel, fresh meaning, and an unexpected setting. The tale of the Princess, the Dragon, and the Prince undergoes a dramatic twist when two overly curious dwarves introduce themselves into the story—and when asked about the tower, they are all too happy to oblige by building it!
Many a pleasant hour will be spent unraveling the enthralling story arc as you explore the huge game world with dozens of unique mazes, solve mysteries that challenge your mind, and maintain your home underground.
A flexible multilayered crafting system ensures that everything you find can be put to good use, and you will always have new and exciting items to help you get the most out of your adventures!
Game features:
– A unique mix of genres which includes dungeon-exploring, treasure-hunting, and managing your own underground home.
– Dozens of individually designed levels with traps, monsters, and mysteries all their own.
– A sophisticated multilayered workshop/item-crafting system. Who says a glowing toadstool and a poisonous frog don’t mix? Try and see what happens!
– Exceptional graphics. A fantasy come true should (and does) look truly fantastic!
– A veritable cornucopia of quests encompassing a captivating story arc. Who do you think gets to take the Princess home in the end?
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