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UpdatedOctober 8, 2013
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※ This version is made for mobile, if you use Tablet, please search “Moai Slots HD” and download the HD version for the best display quality.
※ If you have any question, please mail to, we will help you to solve it as far as possible. Thanks!
★ Game Introduction ★
– Want to play slot machines but can’t afford the trip to Las Vegas? Download Moai Slots NOW!
– Try your luck and win big money! Download Moai Slots NOW!
– 30 seconds to learn the ropes of the slot game! Download Moai Slots NOW!
– Want to maximize your leverage? Download Moai Slots NOW!

★ Game Features ★
– A simple and clear interface.
– Extra bonus – Collecting Moais can get an extra bonus.
– One key to play the slots – Press the AUTO button to automatically bet.
– Grand prize – More than $100 million dollars in winnings are waiting for you!
★ Paytable Explain ★
– Those four big prizes only paid when they are on the center line (Line 1).
Diamond + Diamond + Diamond
Red 7 + Red 7 + Red 7
Bell +Bell + Bell
Star + Star + Star
– Any 3 BAR paid as below,(any line)
BAR1 + BAR1 + BAR1
BAR2 + BAR2 + BAR2
BAR3 + BAR3 + BAR3
BAR1 + BAR2 + BAR3
★ Game Description ★
– Three different well-designed odds tables make you easily enjoy the fun of slots! You can get the winnings without paying too much attention to the bet.
– The interface is easy to operate. You can determine the bet amount by yourself through the buttons on the machine.
– Don’t ignore the money, or it will ignore you too! You can get a bonus prize by collecting Moais. The fastest way to make money is to make money to make money!
– The chance of winning a prize in a one-line slot game is too low. Come to try Moai Slots, it is a five-line slot game! The winnings are more than $100 million dollars, and you may be the next billionaire!
– Feel moved and excited now? Come and try your luck! Moai Slots, Crazy Slots!

There is a game to play slot machine.
Moai Slots! Moai!
Have simple and clear interface.
Moai Slots! Moai!
Hundreds of millions of bonuses that you want?
Moai Slots! Moai!
So let the machine turn it on bet!
Moai Slots! Moai!

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