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UpdatedSeptember 22, 2013
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With no those with level, those with boss character, and killing-time game No.1 mistake!!
The quality exceeding the medal game of an arcade!!
It is a foppish and pop coin pusher game which full fusion of a Sugoroku game, a shooting game, and an action puzzle and a role playing game (RPG) is carried out, and a woman can also enjoy to an extremely popular medal game.
The realistic motion by physical operation is [ no one but / Doppelganger Inc. ]!!
[How to play]
This game is a game which advances Sugoroku using coin, beats a boss, raises a level, and increases coin.
* Automatic save functional loading
[1] Lower [Push Insert Coin!! ] The tap of the button is carried out and coin is dropped from a top.
* The place dropped with the position which carries out a tap can be chosen.
The number of coin is displayed on the upper part of the middle-of-the-screen part screen.
[2] The item chosen when coin passed the [Role] section in right and left appears.
* Refer to the page [ next ] item list.
[3] If coin is dropped to screen this side [WIN ZONE], the number of coin will increase.
* It will become effective if an item is also dropped on [WIN ZONE] in addition to this.
[4] If jewelry is dropped to [WIN ZONE], the event of the grid which the character progressed and stopped at Sugoroku of a front screen will happen.
* The number of Massu which progresses with jewelry is different.
[5] [NEXT-] at the lower left of a screen expresses the Massu number of division to the next boss.
If it goes to the level 100, an ultimate pleasant sensation which only the person who did his best can taste —
Nine points of recommendation of [FUNKY NIGHT COIN FEVER coin dropping]!!
1. It is Perfect No Charge!!
2. Stress Relief!! It is Pleasant to Do!!!
3. Even if Coin is Lost, Revive in 3 Minutes!!
4. Boss characters who cannot become disagreeable somehow!!
5. Music and Sound Effect ♪ Which are a Little Worried
6. Strategic Game Which Stimulates Right Brain!!
7. A woman is also a club ? disco ? wind foppish design.
8. Formal Action Puzzle Game is not Lost, Either — High — Quality Game Nature!
9. Feeling of Air Completely different from Old Coin Game!!
– Doppelganger Inc. first phase coin dropping game [Funky Golden Coin Bomber|
Coin fall] already attains 80,000 downloads!!
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The Arthurian Legend 3D] extolment Now Showing!!
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Bash Block 3D|
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It is [ new work ] under work one after another!!
Expectation which it asks!!
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Content rating: Everyone

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