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麻雀 神來也13張麻雀


麻雀 神來也13張麻雀

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Version 2.8.8
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Updated September 11, 2013
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Traditional HK Mahjong
‧ Play as a guest, no login registration required
‧ Play anytime, anywhere with 18 million worldwide users online
‧ Play mahjong with real people, regardless of what device you're using
‧ Easy-to-use interface that you can control with one swipe of a finger!
‧ Tight on time for mahjong? Play a single hand and win in 3 minutes!
‧ VIP gaming experience with beautiful, high-resolution graphics and Cantonese voiceovers

=Additional Notes=
‧ Register as a new user and get FREE coins
‧ New users can also register using alternative login sites such as Facebook, Yahoo
‧ If you are using an alternative login site, please be sure to follow the steps for account conversion first (for more details, go to

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=Android麻雀 遊戲特色=
‧ 免註冊!遊客帳號直接玩
‧ 1,800萬註冊玩家,湊腳超快,唔怕三缺一!
‧ 真人對戰,手機、iPad、PC一齊玩,全球玩家拼牌技
‧ 一指出牌,操作直覺流暢,手感真實,爽度UP!
‧ 首創一手局(1/4圈),3分鐘打一場,臨時有事也不怕!
‧ 粵語配音、華麗動畫、高解析度畫面,VIP級遊戲體驗
‧ 每日免費補幣

‧ 原「神來也會員」或「Facebook」、「Yahoo」帳號直接玩,無須額外註冊
‧ 新玩家註冊送遊戲幣
‧ 若您是之前使用MSN, Google等帳號登入的神來也老玩家,並想繼續使用該帳號登入Android 麻雀, iPad麻雀進行遊戲,請先參考「帳號轉換及登入教學說明」

Gamesofa 5分鐘.想樂最輕鬆

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