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UNO Gameplay

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UpdatedSeptember 11, 2013
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As we all know, UNO is a great card game that is very easy to learn and offers us a great way for entertainment to kill the boring time.

If you are interested in UNO and also want to play it, please download this app- UNO Gameplay.


–UNO Gameplay combines the classic UNO card game and some other card game like Quitter, Mystery Draw and so on into this new version. So you will find some surprises while playing this card game.

–This is a four players UNO card game. This app allows you to set the skill level for your partners. In this way, you can get more control over the game.

Hope you will like it!

Game rules:

This game is scored by keeping a running total of what each player is caught with in his hand. As each player reaches a designated amount, he is eliminated from the game. When only two players are left in the game, they play head to head. When a player reaches or exceeds the amount designated, he loses. The winner of that final hand is declared the winning player of the game.


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