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Updated September 10, 2013
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Spades card game.

* Adjustable number of rounds.
* Deck and card sounds, vibration effects.

spades, bidding, card game, card games

Game Rules

* Everyone plays for himself/herself.

* In spades game, spade is the trump and you only guess how much you could win.

* In bidding game, the bidder with maximum number will choose the trump and also plays first.

* You must follow the lead suit. If you don't have card with lead suit, then you must use your trump cards. If you don't have them either then you could play any card you want but you can't win that step.

* If there are trumps than biggest trump wins, if not the biggest card with lead suit wins.

* If you have, you must use the card which is bigger than the biggest card on the table.

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