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Cards scoba 15


Cards scoba 15

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Not another card game, this is really adictivie and very fun card game. Up to 4 players, humans or AI in the same device.
It is based on the Italian game Scopa and the Spanish one Escoba. It’s more adictive than a solitarie and funnier than other card games.
Escoba or Escopa is a two to four players card game
The game starts by selecting a dealer randomly. Then, the dealer gives 3 cards to each player and put 4 cards on the table. If the sum of these four cards on the table is 15, the dealer takes these cards for him and gets an ESCOBA or SCOPA, that is a direct point.
In your turn, you have to select one of your cards and one or more of the table for a sum of 15.
Each card has it value printed on the left top part of itself. If you are not able to get a sum of 15, you have to throw one of your cards to the table. If you are able to get a sum of 15 using every card on table you get an ESCOBA OR SCOPA, that is one direct point.
Once all players have used all of their cards, the dealer deals again 3 cards to each.
When all the cards of the deck are used, if there is any card left on the table, these cards goes to the last player who got a sum of 15 during his or her turn. After this, count becomes and points are distributed:
The player with the most number of cards, earns a point
The player with the most number of golds, earns a point
The player with the most number of sevens, earns a point
The player who took the seven of golds, earns a point
After the count, the game starts again with a different dealer, the one who is on the right of the previous dealer.
The winner is the first player to score 15 points or more.

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