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Traffic Recall Pro


Traffic Recall Pro

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Traffic recall pro, a thrilling memory game which will help users improve their concentration. In addition, the app serves as an excellent tool for daily brain training.
Traffic Recall pro is an improved version of the game Traffic Recall, with more levels and more fun.
There are many puzzle games and memory games with colors, numbers, etc. Traffic recall pro falls under that category of games, but with cars. Many developers used cars in their apps for racing, parking, etc., but in this app cars are used for building concentration and memory. Traffic recall pro is a first puzzle game with cars and also a first car traffic game which is a memory puzzle.
The name Traffic recall pro, itself says that, it is all about re-calling the movement of traffic that is of cars. The application presents 50 levels which progressively increase in challenge.
How does it work?
Your task in Traffic recall pro is to memorize the order of the cars based on their color and when the game begins, be sure to tap them in the right order. Of course, you also need to make sure that the cars don’t collide, as the game would be instantly over.
At first, memorizing the numbers of three cars might seem pretty easy, but as you level up, the challenge grows as the number of cars increases. At the end, the game can become quite frustrating if you’re one of those who lose patience quickly.
TALLURI GAMES is the developer of this simple game of concentration which is pretty original and different from the other car games, traffic games and memory puzzles. The game play remains fun, challenging and truly good for your mind.
TRAFFIC RECALL pro Features:
 Free car game
 Not an online game- can play without internet
 Memory puzzle with car traffic
 Interesting back grounds
 Cool game play
TRAFFIC RECALL pro Game – play:
– Click the level button to begin…
– Then, a screen with different cars parked in it pops up.
– Each car of unique color on the screen will be given unique number.
– Memorize the numbers given to the cars and the car color.
– Memorize them as fast as possible, as the screen lasts only for some time. – Then the traffic comes to the screen.
– Recall the numbers and their corresponding car colors.
-Send cars in order, from first to last
Traffic Recall pro is a complete entertainment for Christmas and New Year.

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