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Disco Bees


Disco Bees

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PublisherSpace Inch, LLC
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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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The most innovative matching puzzle game ever!
Mind-bending, brain-breaking concentric gravity, an amazing disco soundtrack, dancing bees, beautiful game design…. and ZOMBEES…
But we know what you are thinking– “Hey hold on a second, what makes this game about bees that dance to disco, turn into Ninjas, Boxers, Hippies, and fight Zombees so fun?”
Sure, we know you’ve already played a hundred different games with dancing bees in outer space, but here’s why you should give Disco Bees a try:
• Our bees are so adorable.
• If you don’t play, who else will stop the Zombees?? Your ridiculous friends??? That’s really your plan????? Get real.
• Sometimes gravity stops going down and starts going… inwards. Like love.
• Real bees really do dance! The Waggle Dance exists! Look it up on the internet!
• Disco Bees has the best music you will ever hear in a puzzle matching game. Or at least the most funky.
• Do you know what happens when a ninja gets combined with a boxer? Can you handle the truth?
• Did we mention that both the ninja and the boxer are also bees?? What about the punks, the babees, the boxing ninjas, and the old man that sells hats for bees? They are all also bees.
• You haven’t yet realized that Flower Power is the one thing that unites hippies and bees, but by the end of this sentence you will have.
And a warning: if you aren’t ready to BEE inundated with BEEautiful, BEEwitching bee puns, then honey, you should just turn around and go find a different game.
Disco Bees integrates with Google Play Games for achievements and leaderboards. It features beautiful fullscreen tablet support, including HD graphics on compatible devices.
Note: Disco Bees is free to play but does offer in-app purchases of various kinds.
Let us know what you think! Problems? Questions? Get in touch!
If you are seeing a bug on your device, please include as much info as possible about your device, Android version, and how the bug happens.

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