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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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– Animal + memory = Animori!
– Pair Card Game! (Memorization)

Together with children is very important to the game.

Animori first kids series!
Animori Kids pair card game is back!
Cute animal characters to play cards with it!

Remember the point of animal cards.
And, Click!

1. Different kinds of memory game.
2. Cute and Luxurious graphics.
3. Memorization and Concentration.

Kinds of Game.
1. Birds Card.
This game is the easiest with 5 cute birds. The birds animation is very cute.

2. Sheep Card.
Sheep Card has different kinds of sheep color with cry sounds.

3. Vegetables Card
If you find a card with a pig eating vegetables increases.

4. Animals Card.
Cute animals with the sound and flow of tears.

5. Mole Alpabet Card.
Showing little mole children became interested in the alphabet is sufficient.

6. Orignal Animori
The peaceful farm.
However, even a moment of peace.
Bitterly cold winter in 2012.
Animals are hungry enough to eat mountains down to the village on a farm attack.
Due to animal, becomes a disaster.
The farmer will shoots the animal to slingshot.
Your memory can keep the farm!
Angry bird and farmer!

Remember the order of animals.
And, fire a slingshot.
The farm survives.

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– Animal + memory = Animori!
– To challenge the limits of memory!
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