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Shoot Bubble Buster Deluxe II


Shoot Bubble Buster Deluxe II

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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A Bubble Busting Cavalcade

Bubble Buster is a deluxe adaptation of the classic bubble bursting game. Bubble hunting addicts will enjoy this classy adaptation of this puzzle game genre. Bubble Buster requires cold logic, grace under pressure, and a steady dead-eye aim. Do you have what it takes?

Your Mission: Destroy All Bubbles

The premise of the game is simple, but there’s nothing simple about mastering this game. You eliminate bubbles by connecting at least three bubbles of the same color. Your cannonball is a bubble of a specific color. So, if you have a blue cannonball, you must try to connect it to two or more blue bubbles. You aim by tapping precisely where you want the bubble to go. However, your cannon shoots in a straight line; simply tapping a space behind a bubble will only make your shot get stuck in front of that bubble.

A Race Against Time

If you don’t burst any bubbles with your shot, your cannonball will become yet another bubble lodged in an area increasingly filled with bubbles; the bubbles will inch that much closer to your gun. If you’re not consistently bursting bubbles, the bubbles will eventually bust YOU out of the game. To make things even more difficult, you have a time limit for each shot. Once the clock starts flashing on the bottom of the screen, you better aim and shoot soon, or the cannon will fire itself.

Shoot True, Shoot Smart. Unlock levels as you progress!

Colorblind mode features symbols on each bubble
As you’re shooting down the bubbles, the puzzling nature of Bubble Buster soon becomes apparent. The game isn’t just a matter aiming your gun right to hit the bubbles. You have also anticipate the best location of your shot for maximum effectiveness; you won’t always get the cannonball color you want. If you don’t plan your shots several turns in advance, you’ll find yourself trapped by relentlessly multiplying bubbles.

Burst the Bubbles On Your Terms

Bubble Buster features a wide range of options. You can toggle the sound off and on, play on a full screen, play without a time limit, and play in colorblind mode. The graphics and gameplay are top-notch, with shimmering colors and fun sound effects. After you hit the bubbles, the bubbles cascade off the screen in a dramatic fashion. If you’re a professional bubble hitman, Bubble Buster will put your bubble busting and puzzle talents to the test.

Highlighted Features:

? Puzzle Mode

? Arcade Mode

? Level Selector

? Guidance Beam

? Over 1100 levels and more interesting levels coming soon!

? Level Editor

? Exciting new bubbles!

? Fresh and beautiful style, high quality HD graphics!

? Well-designed levels give you much fun no matter if you are a new or expert player!

? Scoreloop high scores integration.

? HeyZap social integration.

? Solve hundreds of levels

? Play with or without time limits

? Push your logical abilities to the limit

? Great game for both kids and adults

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Recent changes:
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? ? Fixed level 1020. (Puzzle > Device Menu Key > Settings > Launch Mode for Guidance Beam.)

Content rating: Everyone

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