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Clever Driver


Clever Driver

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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★★★★★ 3000 levels , totally free
★★★★★ addictive, 5,000,000+ players in ios/android/ovi
By BABS TOYAH (UK) :★★★★★
About 5 years ago, my son bought a plastic version of this game and this feels exactly the same as the board game.
Really clear graphics, fabolous sound effects of the cars maneuvering ..the object of the game is to slide all the cars to one side to make a clear exit for your white car…. and when you do escape, your white car toots its horn to say I'M OUT.
From Beginner,Intermediate,advanced to Expert….so the more stars you collect the higher you can progress.
I find it v.challenging, but I do love these games. Only managed to play it a few times, but already on the advanced level…it's so addictive.
I have still got the actual game and comparing the two it's TRUELLY amazing.
I can highly recommend this and will give any age group hours and hours of enjoyment.
Are you a clever driver? Your car is always blocked in a crowded paring lot? Encountered a traffic blocking? Can you drive and unblock you car in a short time?
The goal of the game is to get a white car out of a six-by-six grid full of automobiles by moving the other vehicles out of its way. However, the cars and trucks (set up before play according to a puzzle card) obstruct the path which makes the puzzle harder.The board is a 6×6 grid with grooves in the tiles to allow cars to slide, and an exit hole which according to the puzzle cards, only the white car can escape. The game comes with long cars and short cars, each colored differently. The short cars take up 2 squares each; and the long cars take up 3. Cars can only be moved within a straight line along the grid. They cannot be rotated.
Come on, This is an exciting and interesting puzzle game which is popular all around the world. It can promote your logical thinking ability, and help you dealing with the same issue in the real life. This version comes with 3000 puzzles ranging from Beginner to Expert. Hundreds hours of fun. and it will keep growing in the updated version to keep you challenged.
★★★★★ Features:
Total 3000 levels now, and more levels coming soon.
10 different mode. More challenges waiting for you.
Collecting needed stars to unlock level packs.
Random beautiful cars.
Social function integrated, play with friends for more fun.
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