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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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It is a “Mahjong Solitaire GREEN” classic puzzle game using the Mahjong tiles. (Also known as Shanghai Mahjong)
Is to delete all the rules on the basis of the objective of the game is Mahjong tiles aligned.
However, it is game over is no longer possible in the middle of the game progress.
You can easily clear depending on intelligence and lucky.

You can play infinite stage there are 30 in total, each pattern will change yet.
You can always clear from the state ordered first, if you try sometime you can clear many times do not give up.

Featured also safe for beginners!
1.Hint feature “Remind you to take a pair of Mahjong tiles”
2.Undo function “Might make a mistake! ? Us back to the state it was in before at a time when”

Rules are simple!
I’m just going to take the same picture in a pair of Mahjong tiles Mahjong tiles piled up
I took clear all Mahjong tiles!
But I have failed is no longer possible in the middle of the game progress
They can be cleared easily depending on intelligence and lucky!

Rules of Mahjong tiles to take
1.Mahjong tiles are not sandwiched between the left and right
2.Mahjong tiles are not riding on the
You can select the Mahjong tiles have cleared the above two points can be

Content rating: Everyone

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