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learn chinese game free Doms


learn chinese game free Doms

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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If you want play a game and learn chinese for free ,then this application is for You!
do you want learn chinese or practice mandarin chinese language? you can play this free game in various modes like guessing chinese characters, practice radicals or practice your vocabulary for hsk test (various levels) .It has mini lessons to help you review,if you forgot a vocabulary.
game objective is:
guess as many chinese character as possible and as quick as possible(but different conditions applies for different games type).
about game:
this app is a free game to help learn mandarin chinese .essential tool improve your vocabulary with useful words , phrases and sentences. it has built-in chinese english dictionary with pinyin that helps remember pronunciation. it will help you learn mandarin chinese language using various words range and phrases selected from many good dictionaries available online and offline(books:)). this game is a support tool for learning chinese. it is a mix of word game, scrabble ,ruzzle flashcards (flash card?) game, quiz game and guessing game.
this application offers few quick and intense game mode that can be played during boring lectures, useless business meetings, travel, vacation and other bizarre situations.
word practice is a fast and challenging word game, you need quick guess. total challenge and madness. it includes authentic vocabulary used native chinese people (including swearing )
i wrote this game to help myself learning chinese with focus on learn simplified chinese characters (knowns as hanyu or logograms) , memorize words ,radical , stroke, phrases and pinyin (to help pronounce characters).playing game make learning easier funnier and quickly and i can practice any time , anywhere . my aim is to improve my vocabulary, help my study ,gain more from chinese lessons from books or course with teachers, prepare to hsk(hanyu shuiping kaoshi,汉语水平考试) exams, horoscope read articles, books, e-book and food menus without using translator for translation ,stimulate my brain and etc. if you have similar needs , then my game should be a good choice for you. it should be also useful for people who learn chinese for business and travel purposes.
game features:
* easy , free, fun game to play that helps learn chinese
* many games type
* intense game play.
* competitive , easy, entertaining and fun to play.
* addictive game that helps learn mandarin chinese language
* scores and high score
* ugly graphics (keep application size small).
* it works on all devices smartphones and tablets.
* mini English Chinese Dictionary / phrasebook has 500 words/characters. list of word should contains all essential words needed for everyday usage(including slang, swearing and other words that are omitted in other apps) ,hsk exams and useful content for travellers (business / holidays). sources of word, that i used came from various on line dictionaries, textbooks and workbooks. word list is verified by on-line dictionaries, a chinese native speaker and correction came from user's feedback.
* it has comprehensive phrasebook / dictionary ,so you can see what words and phrases are in my application.
* everybody can play this game kids and adults and it covers word for people who learn chinese on all levels beginner, intermediate or advanced.
* it has mini lessons that help you review your knowledge , helps you will learn essential phrases , sentences ,grammar , words with pinyin to help you with pronunciation so it easier to learn how to speak chinese word ) from specific categories on scenario-based levels.i add more test for hsk exams on all levels. i will add chinese word of the day as well.
* helps learn chinese
last few words..
*) it's suitable for almost everyone who want learn chinese
*) it is an ads-ware application. (it is free for you, but program will display some ads in main menu and when you quit a game.
*) practice make perfect and i hope my game can help you achieve that.

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