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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Grazing Sheeps, wandering Polar Bears, and badass Bandits! What the heck are we talking about? These are some of many things you are going to face in this game of ultimate adventure and nostalgia!
Travel back in time and lay down your train set to embark on a new journey filled with extreme obstacles, moments of decision, and an everlasting impression of adventure!
Track Builder assures you an enthralling experience with a modern twist on the classical train game. It is a fun and strategic puzzle that is sure to provide you a spectacular gaming experience. The lives of the passengers traveling in the train are in your hands. Be quick and alert to lay the tracks correctly so that the train reaches its destination safely.
Plenty of levels to make you forget the world! A great load of maze like tracks to solve! And unlimited time to scratch your head!
* The older version of Track Builder will still be available on smaller phones & older Android versions. So you can still have the fun with this amazing game!
★ Classic childhood game of Trains and Tracks with a 'Twist'!
★ Endless fun with 500 non repetitive and addictive levels!
★ Remember, each level is equally challenging & demanding, and not as easy as it sounds!
★ 3 unique themes- Grasslands, Antarctic and Cowboy!
★ 5 exciting modes- Basic, Red Light Rush, Broken Rails, Oops on Rail, Insane mix.
★ Move the Train faster when you are sure you have laid the Tracks right.
★ Finish the Tracks before time to earn some extra stars.
★ Beautiful and attractive themes that will keep you glued!
An exciting combination of Trains, Challenges, & Strategy! Fun with Trains and Tracks couldn't get better than this 🙂
3 unique themes that keep you glued and asking for more-
★ Grasslands: Travel through pleasant & appealing green fields. But you better lookout for those grazing sheeps!
★ Antarctic: It's not just ice that you should be taking care of. Polar Bears don't actually like being ran over… :/
★ Cowboy: Lay the tracks through dangerous deserts of wild wild west! It is your responsibility to get the passengers safely to their destination. Beware! There are bandits too!
The adventure does not stop here! 5 modes making the game more challenging for you:
● Basic: Start your adventure here… Get the hold of the game… It's just the beginning!
● Red light Rush: Ready to Rush and speed up? It would be better if you stop before a Red Light…
● Broken rails: The game is gonna get serious hereafter… Be careful with your moves, some Tracks are BROKEN!
● Oops on the Rail: A boulder here, a boulder there, a big trouble anywhere! Remove those boulders before you run over them!
● Insane mix: Uncertainty is fun and challenging… Ready for it? Face jumbled up challenges and reach the terminal!
It's a simple, yet irresistible game that will not only challenge kids but also users of all age groups. It's about time you get behind the wheels of this train.
Adventure Awaits!
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