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TetroCrate: 3D Block Puzzle


TetroCrate: 3D Block Puzzle

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Version1.1 beta 9
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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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TetroCrate is a cross between Falling Block Puzzle, Tile Matching Game and Jigsaw Puzzle. No time pressure, no stress and more relaxed than traditional Falling Block Games / Tile Matching Block Puzzles, and thus – completely different tactics and strategy.

Touch, slide and snap current active piece into available empty place, fit matching blocks exactly as in Tangram or Jigsaw puzzle. Similar shapes and objective, as in traditional falling block puzzles or Tile Matching Games: complete either horizontal or vertical block lines, so full block lines can disappear. Get significantly more bonus points for clearing multiple rows or columns at once, up to 5000 for 5 lines.

Unlike most Falling Block games, in the original TetroCrate you cannot rotate pieces. This limitation imposed for a reason: to make game play natural, drag-n-drop style and as effortless as possible, sticking to KISS principle: "Keep It Simple and Stupid". However, it is possible to swap the current piece with the next one by clicking on 'Next' piece preview in the top-right corner of the screen.

Since TetroCrate 1.1 experimental rotation "Revolver" mode became available and possible to turn pieces around with touch gestures. To make gameplay more balanced, additional new blocks, and multiple game levels added, landscape layout simplifies tablet game play.

Many old PC and Console games, like Pentix, Brick Breaker games, Block puzzles, Arkanoid, etc, are not really suitable for Android mobile handsets and touch screens, missing tactile feedback and robustness of real physical keyboard. Especially this touch screen controls' drawback is noticeable when playing on high speed.

TetroCrate offers totally different game play: no virtual on-screen buttons, no weird unresponsive touch controls, and no awkward unreliable and unnatural gestures required to play. Just Drag and Drop. TetroCrate is one of those time killers that can easily fill five minutes while you wait in line.

TetroCrate development is in progress, more features to come, stay tuned.

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Coming soon:
– more intuitive & simplified game play
– global online score / challenge board
– streamlined UI & visual themes
– multiplayer / battle mode

If you have any suggestions, complaints or ideas, please let us know.

Legal Notice: TetroCrate is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Tetris Holding, LLC.

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