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Candy Crush Saga

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UpdatedJanuary 21, 2018
Installs88049 times
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A delicious and addictive puzzle adventure with hundreds of levels.
The super hit game Candy Crush Saga is now available for Android!
Switch and match your way through more than 100 levels in this delicious and addictive puzzle adventure.
Ain’t it the sweetest game ever?
Join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee in their epic adventure through a world full of candy.
Take on this deliciously sweet saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!
Candy Crush Saga features:
★ Tasty graphics that will leave you hungry for more
★ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
★ Over 100 sweet levels
★ Leaderboards for you and your friends
★ Items to unlock by completing levels
★ Boosters and charms to help with those challenging levels
★ Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version
Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Candy Crush Saga!
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    • la cdtm , wenas las tengan todos quiero decirles que el juego esta reshingon
      starstarstarstarstar- 2017-04-12
      starstarstarstarstar- 2015-05-22
    • excelente juego
      starstarstarstarstar- 2015-04-12
      starstarstarstarstar- 2015-01-27
    • buenisimo lo descarge ase unos meses y ya voy en el nivel 137 aaaaaa peruuuu....
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-10-22
      So good.
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-10-08
    • jujuju
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-08-17
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-08-08
    • I cannot open helpme
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-07-27
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-07-22
    • awesome
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-06-13
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-04-09
    • alondra
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-04-02
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-03-07
    • super
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-03-05
      buena aplicación
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-02-22
    • claro
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-02-21
      I love the game!!! But the dowloading is a little bit slow, it van be fixed 🙂
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-01-20
    • that game is awso,e
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-01-17
      es un juego interesante
      starstarstarstarstar- 2014-01-07
    • buena aplicación para tablet
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-12-30
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-12-26
    • haha u guys cant download it
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-12-26
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-12-12
    • havig trouble to download
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-12-01
      love it
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-10-20
    • I love candy crush saga but it is very addictive
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-10-18
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-10-12
    • Fun and very addicting game. Keep your wallet zipped or you could be in the poorhouse.
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-10-08
      love it
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-09-22
    • Its very funny
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-09-09
      me encanta!
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-09-04
    • cool but will not download
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-08-15
      guys try donwload task manager I think you are some download games but uninstall after download the task manager go to sd card analyzer then
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-23
    • I think you are some more download games try download task manager you may delete your uninstall games
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-23
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-17
    • Awesome but very addictive
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-11
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-08
    • love this game!
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-05-03
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-27
    • Mine downloaded lol XD
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-23
      good game
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-23
    • so happy to find way to put this on my kindle fire. only problem is I don't have the message box in this game to use gifts. anyone else?
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-18
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-18
    • I love this game but for some reason it won't download. can u please fix it
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-14
      luvvvvvv....soooo cute!!!
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-14
    • me encanta
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-13
      Y isn't it downloading? my sister's download was succsesful.
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-13
    • I am playing on kindle hd but I need to upgrade but no new upgrades available so I am stuck at level 245 please help
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-09
      es el mejor juego
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-04-04
    • I downloaded but I have to get da update but it won't work.....fix thiz
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-31
      i hate this appstore it wont let me download anything!!!!!!
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-30
    • mine werks
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-26
      muy buen juego
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-20
    • works fine on my kindle fire hd
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-19
      j'adore ce jeu il est trop bien
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-10
    • works great on kindle fire hd
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-09
      its downloading but takin a wile
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-03-07
    • yes
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-27
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-21
    • it is downloading it ha to all u
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-09
      I wish it would download
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-02-03
    • me gusta
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-28
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-22
    • anybody know why this won't download?
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-17
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-12
    • francesco
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-12
      je ne comprend absolument pourquoi le jeu ne marche pas apres le telechargement ? est ce que quelqu un pourrais m expliquer svp merci avanc
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-09
    • love this game but not downloadin 🙁
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-06
      love candy crush but this won't download 🙁
      starstarstarstarstar- 2013-01-06
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