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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Update: Dreambow Maze and Dreambow Volleyball are ready to download and play.

Able to rotate screen vertical or horizontal to play all my HTML 5 games. May need to refresh, to scale app to fit screen sizes.

Alien Wars: Your a alien needing to fight for your planet, before Zion aliens take over it and enslave your race. Play on ground and in space.

Gray Tower: Garr is the protector of the flute, and he must move through the castle, full of bugs, bats, spiders, wall of spikes, fire balls, monsters and snakes. He must make it to the end, to grab the magic flute, which was stolen from his village, before the evil Maze finds the correct notes to open different dimensions and destroy them.

Tank 57: bring your friends into the action, to help fight your way up to the boss. Fire to collect points, health, shields and weapons. Win the war and destroy the master mind behind all this mess, the boss called “Mind Game”. Phone: Works well if you hold your device with one hand, while using your thumb to press the keys.

Mover: take on the adventure and save your friends from the evil Sparks, before he eats them alive. Phone: Works well if you hold your device with one hand, while using your thumb to press the keys.

(Native App) Dreambow Maze: Warp in and save your friends inside the maze before time runs out. Pickup health, time, gems,explosives and weapons. Watch out for enemies and your friends.

(Native App) Fighter X-1: The year is 2042, warp drive is now possible! The U.S Air Force and N.A.S.A are working together to find a planet that is suitable for supporting life. Earth, is in its middle stages of collapsing, due to ozone deterioration of years of pollution. People on Earth are tanning more, oxygen levels are depleting, the north and south poles are melting, causing oceans to rise and flooding continents. People are at panic, and WWIII is happening now, because of shortages of clean drinking water and food. If the X-1 does not find a new planet for the people on Earth soon. Earth will explode!

(Native App) Dreambow Sports: Play Dreambow when he is not fighting bad guys and warping from one place to another. Play with your friends, on your home planet playing Volleyball and Dodge ball.

Native Apps Coming Soon: Dreambow Maze, Dreambow Sports, Dark Awakening, Ninja Star, Tank: Bother’s Revenge, Gray Tower 2.

Plays better on mobile phones.

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