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Hubble Bubbles


Hubble Bubbles

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Welcome to the game of juggling Hubble on bouncing Bubbles.

Hubble Bubbles is a skill driven arcade game, featuring madly addictive (I swear it was an accident!), straight from space gameplay.
Whenever you will find yourself saying “Ok, now it’s the last time!… “, remember it’s not my fault!

Rules are simple:
1. You TAP – Highlighted Bubble GOES UP. No magic here. TAP THE BUBBLE UP.
2. TAP when Hubble (little spaceship) is above Bubble. They bounce, we fly.
(tip). Try to spin Hubble, momentum gives Hubble extra speed! Science, you know.
3. Fly as many Light Years as you can (translation: fly right very far).

Sound easy, right? Right 🙂

There’s more! The game has even better dynamics, thanks to:
– Amazing Restart Button Technology (You will hate me for that, no offence taken).
– Time Warp Button. Which slows down the time. And it helps… or does quite opposite.

To keep You happier, the game is packed up with:
– Leaderboards. How far can You fly? Join the competition!
– Achievements – Yeah! We all love achievements!
– Fun to play Secret Levels, featuring extra challenges like Nyan Cat jump record competition, or infinite Time Warp superpower.
– “I can do better next time” feeling. Offcourse you can! 🙂
– Out of this world, skill driven, physics based gameplay…
– … which makes each and every round a genuinely unique event.

Hubble Bubbles contains other games advertisements, if you’ll feel tired playing, feel free to try one of the cool games from the ads!

!!! WARNING !!!

But hey, getting the Premium version will give You instant access to:
– All Secret Levels (using retro bubble codes in main menu).
– Restart Button without any interruptions!
– Ad free game. Forever.

Have tons of fun playing!!

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