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Riki Mole - Whack a Mole


Riki Mole - Whack a Mole

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PublisherRiki Group
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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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CategoryGames - Arcade & Action
Tagsmole, mole hammers, crazy mole, fun mole, hit mole, poke mole


Riki mole. Kiki is a master of a manor, he runs it perfectly with his wisdom. One day, when he came back to his manor, he found some uninvited guests — Mole. They were destroying his lovely manor. And then he has been devoted to hit Mole. Let’s wipe out those crazy mole.

Riki mole has four modes including pass mode, timing mode, endless mode and random mode. Use your hands as Mole Hammers, Poke Mole now.

Pass Mode: Consuming “red hearts” is the end condition, the game ended when “red hearted” become zero. Hit the asked amount of moles, you lose one “red heart” when mole runs away, besides, lose one “red heart” if you hit scarecrow. The speed of mole’s will be faster with levels up.

Timing Mode: Time is the end condition. You can choose 30s,45s and 60s, whatever. Lose one “red heart” if you hit scarecrow. The scores you get are the amount of fun mole you hit within the time you choose.

Endless Model:Consuming “red hearts” is the end condition, when the “red hearts” become zero, the game ended.(PS: Lose one “red heart” if you hit scarecrow, scarecrow run away dose not cost your “red heart”.

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