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Catapult Lite

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Barbarian hordes from the North are invading our peaceful lands! If the kingdom is to survive, your expertise is needed to fortify the castle defenses.

We have limited resources with which to build, and the barbarians are skilled in throwing boulders, maces, and even livestock. And, with their new discovery of gunpowder, they have created dangerous explosives as well!

Will you help our noble king and queen fortify the castle defenses?


We’re extremely pleased to introduce CATAPULT, the game that requires you to think like a medieval engineer. Using limited resources of logs, barrels, bricks, and stone, you must build defenses to save the royal court.

But beware! If both the king and queen succumb to the barbarians, then your army will be left without its leaders, and the kingdom will fall. Also, if 3 or more noblemen, guards, or royals, die, then the barbarians will overwhelm the kingdom.

You must utilize basic engineering principles to build a fortress sufficiently strong to withstand the barbarian catapult assault. For each level, your resources are limited, but so are the barbarian throws. Some things to consider during the building phase:

* Is it better to put heavy objects near the base, or lighter objects? The more things that you have stacked, the more force is placed on the bottom-most construction elements. Consider the physical properties of wood, brick, and stone when building.

* Is it better to interlock many pieces, or to simply stack them? Should layers of brick and wood be staggered, or placed directly on top of one another?

* How can you best contain bombs to minimize their explosive impact?


Catapult has 60 levels total: 12 “regions” with 5 levels per region. Each region “specializes” in particular resources. Stonevald, for example, has a large abundance of stone, for example, while the Wilde Forest has more wood for the availability of logs and wood barrels.

Some have described Catapult as a sort of “Angry Birds in reverse”. Instead of knocking things down, you’re building them.

If you’ve been able to withstand the barbarian assault, try rebuilding the fortress with fewer resources to earn a gold medallion from the king and queen.

Updates to Catapult are free. If you did well on a particular level of Catapult, be sure to tell of your achievement on Facebook, and tell the rest of the Catapult user community of your achievement on the Catapult Facebook page at:

Also visit the Facebook page for tips and tricks, and announcements of new releases!

Good luck!

Recent changes:
The first global release of Catapult Lite!

Content rating: Low Maturity

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