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Super Farting Jump Boy


Super Farting Jump Boy

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Oh noes!! The princess is trapped in an alien ship cunningly disguised as a floating toilet!!!!
Help hero Freddy Von Fartenburg on his journey to rescue her from the evil Turdling aliens by using his B.U.M (ballistic underpants module). Using your BUM, fart your way to crazy heights in this addictive game. Gallantly rush to the princess's aid with the power of brown thunder!!! Guide Freddy by tilting your device as he splutter jumps higher and higher. The goal is to reach the magical floating toilets at the top of each level. Make use of conveniently placed bottles of TurboLax to temporarily grant a speed increase and jump even higher! Will Freddy rescue the princess? Will his pants need industrial cleaning agents?
Play this addictive jumping game and find out!
* 100% FREE
* Fart to reach incredible heights
* Jumping Game extraordinare ;p
* Earn achievements
* Just one static ad for our other
paid release on the main menu screen. No ads to interfere
with gameplay.
* Randomly generating level layout
* A new game every time you play.
* Even the colour of the sky is completely random
* Tough challenge.
– Each platform disintegrates when jumped on
– Move offscreen to one side and magically reappear on the
– One hit kill enemies
– Fall off the bottom of the screen, you die
– One life. You die, back to level one
– No second chances
* Compete on worldwide leaderboards, be the best of the
best!! Who will be the jumping game king!!See who can squeeze out the highest score. Become the ace of farts

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