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Robotic Planet RTS Lite


Robotic Planet RTS Lite

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UpdatedOctober 13, 2013
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CategoryGames - Arcade & Action


Real-Time Strategy Game (Single-/Multiplayer)

Your robots are just landed on a small planet. Let them explore and settle the planet. Gather resources to construct new buildings and set up a working economic system. Produce goods and new robots in factories. Defend your buildings against attacks from enemy battle robots. Conquer enemy territory and defeat your opponent’s base.

• Lite version comes with 3 scenario maps including a tutorial mission for singleplayer games and one map for multiplayer games.
• Single-player mode: Opponent is played by AI (computer)
• Multi-player mode: Two players can connect their mobile devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to compete against each other
• No Internet connection is required during gameplay
• Supports large displays (tablets)
• 6 robot types with individual abilities
• 13 different buildings to construct
• 10 different goods to gather and produce
• Games are saved automatically (in case of incoming calls) and can be continued.

Recommended hardware:
• 1GHz CPU, Screen size: 800×480 or larger
• If the app crashes, try to decrease render quality in options and turn sound off.
Please report bugs and suggestions via mail or website. Check occasionally for updates.

* Galaxy S2: Currently no sound support due to a firmware bug. Hopefully Samsung fix this in the next firmware update *

Robotic Planet is a construction and management simulation. You give orders to your robots, such as constructing a building or attacking a location. Your robots perform these orders, but operate autonomously.

Your robots are the settlers of an foreign planet. But they are not alone. Enemy robots also landed on the planet.
Goal is to achieve domination over the planet. To win the game, you need to capture the enemy’s base building.

There are 6 types of robots:

Transport Robots: transport goods between buildings
Build Robots: construct new buildings
Drill Robots: gather resources, like crystal, ore and granite
Farm Robots: sow and harvest energy crops
Saw Robots: cut trees and produce wood
Battle Robots: attack enemy buildings, robots and roads

When the game starts, you own a number of robots of each type. During the game you can produce more robots in a robot factory.

Recent changes:
• Compatibility fix (HTC Desire, Xoom)
• Improved UI
• Fog of war
• Oil rigs
• 1 more mission in free edition
• Thanks to Luke, Chris, Mason, Robert, Stefan, Jerry, Elli, Tobias, Thomas, Will, Chriw, Mehdi, Zac, Simon, Joe, Jack, Alan, Babis, Joshua, Kevin, Daniel, Yves, Arne, Leon, Peter, Kyle, Sebastian, Dave and all others who send feedback and issue reports!

Content rating: Low Maturity

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