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Flames of Vengeance


Flames of Vengeance

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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A fantasy action game which pits you against hordes of goblins, skeletons, fiends and a mighty dragon. Wander the map and recruit warriors to fight alongside you. Collect gold coins by slaying your foes and destroying their strongholds. Visit shops and upgrade your warriors’ weapons and armour.

In this game you control a king who has returned to his kingdom to find it overrun by monsters. Some of his warriors have survived and are scattered around the map. Walk up to them to get them to join you and they will follow you into battle against the foe. As you slay the monstrous horde you will receive gold coins which can be spent on upgrading your followers’ armour and weapons by visiting the buildings located on the map.

General game play information:

Touch the screen where you want the king to walk to. Followers are gained when you walk near a friendly warrior.

The green bar on your units’ profile picture indicates the remaining health of that unit.

The yellow bar indicates the experience level. Experience grows when monsters are slain, and enhances your units’ health regeneration rate as well as damage output.

The sword and shield icons on the profiles indicate any upgrades to your units’ armour and weaponry.

The yellow arrow and house icon points towards the nearest friendly shop.

The red arrow and dragon icon points towards the evil dragon that must be slain.

Enemies are spawned from their strongholds. The blue bar above enemy strongholds indicates a new enemy to be spawned.

Enemies will fight each other as well, so don’t be afraid to use them against each other.

Skeletons have a habit of getting back up after being knocked down…you may have to kill them more than once!

The red fiends are a mighty foe and are best avoided until you have upgraded your equipment a number of times.

Maps are randomly generated.

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Recent changes:
– Released!
– Fixed HUD
– Modified Dragon Graphics
– V1.08 Filtered out small screens.
– V1.11 Internet Permission required for SONIQ CLUB competition details.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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