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Rifles Gun Game


Rifles Gun Game

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Rifles Gun Game is an free app used on mobile phone to play guns with mobile. It is totally fre for all people used android system! It is an gun simulator offer you real experience! We prepare you an tutorial before the gam begin and you will not worry about can not play it in right ways! We prepared you three kinds training in hot weapons like handguns, machine guns, sniper rifles and so on, training in cool weapons like sword, slap, whip and so on. You can also choose shooting moving things. We prepare you four different devices for you to choose, and every type has many modes. If you choose shooting helicopter, there are ten modes for you to choose. You can choose Hughes AH-64 or Dene l CSH-2. As long as the model can find on market, you can find it on our gun games.
You may curious about what slandered the app will give a score! It fact, the more stable you hand the “Gun”, the higher score you can get. If you choose shooting moving things i n training 3, you should hand the gun stable by moving shooting position as you like! When you shooting, you had better open the voice volume. Because during your shooting, it will offer you a score of each shooting and you can listen the shooting sound which make the shooting seems more realistic!
1.Free app for all people.
2.Training one help you choose the gun type and pistol model.
3.Training two make you choosing the moving devices you shoot. And every device has many different model too.
4.Training three is the train to cool weapon. You have six choices here like sword, slap and so on. You can hand the mobile just as hand the sword/whip and use the mobile make move like hand the real weapon. You can hear the sound made by them!
5.You can set the volume button position to meet your habits.
6.Share with others through twitter, e mail, text message, Bluetooth and other devices on your mobile!
7.You can choose the setting events if you download a VIP app. For example, you can choose you can shooting helicopter in New York big building! The real background will make you shooting more realistically!
8.Hear the shooting/sword/slap… sounds when you play them.
9.All gun models on market.
10.Short cuts to wiki, YouTube, and the Google browser can help you get the knowledge of the gun model. If you do not familiar with the weapon, you can press to know them directly without inputting any words!

This gun games app can help you the realistic feeling in shooting! Download and have an practice, you can improve your shooting skill and become more accurate when you have similar games with your friends. When you open the app, it will tell you a tutorial first and the five buttons on the top of the page help you to have training!

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