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Ninja Minion Rush Jump Me High


Ninja Minion Rush Jump Me High

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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*This applications is an unofficial fan based application*
Minion characters in the famous animated film ‘Despicable Me 2‘ is back as requested by million fans around the world. With adventure ‘Despicable Ninja Minion Rush And Jump Free Game’ is one great game, easy to play, risking through all challenge from character hairy and angry Eduardo.
Adventurous loving makes minions take on the journey to find his way home with the kids and despicable Gru. Bring the ninja minions to run fast and avoid aggressive Eduardo to the end!
The game will help you add patience and have fun time with friends and family .
If you have played and loved Ninjump , ninja run, Despicable me minion rush or penguin skiing 3D rush , etc. then you must head to the INSTALL button now and download this addictive game Unofficial Despicable Ninja Minion Rush and Jump Game!’
Highlighted Features
Simple adventure game, suitable for all ages
Category adventure makes you excited
Beautiful graphics and high quality sounds and music
Get the highest score and get rewards
How to play
Applying skillful hands the phone to control the ninja minion makes him run, jump, flip the head to avoid collision with dear Eduardo
Eduardo villain will hinder you touch destination
Running, avoid, flip, … are the things you need to apply .
Try perseverance and patience to complete the game to the end of your offline
And send us a screenshot of the destination so that we can send you a special gift okay!
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