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Finger Army 1942 FULL FREE


Finger Army 1942 FULL FREE

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Sharpen those reflexes, crack your knuckles and ready your fingers! Stop wave after wave of fingers from attacking your shores and defeat these mighty foes.

Finger Army 1942 is a beautifully crafted, light-hearted adaptation of the family-favorite Whack’a’Mole game and features the same fast, furious and finger numbing action but with so much more…

In order to defeat the Finger Army you must:
• Increase your rank and unlock new enemy fingers as you progress through the levels
• Take care to avoid medics and the cowardly, ‘yella belly’ soldiers waving the white flag of surrender.
• Crack open tins of every good soldier’s favorite, Bully Beef, for extra bonus points.
• Steal enemy supply drops to replenish your health, and take out ‘Ham’, the field radio op for extra time.
• Look out for ‘Big G’, the highly prized General of the Finger Army!
• Keep your eyes peeled for the cannon wielding ‘Treadhead’ and hammer them down before they take you out!

Rock, Paper, Scissors is officially redundant! The Finger Army 1942 ‘VS BATTLE’ Mode is the new way to settle any argument. Play as Attackers or Defenders opposite your opponent and slug it out battleship style. The first person to reach 5 medals wins the war!

“We’re all familiar with the arcade classic “whack-a-mole” type games, but how does that translate into an Android app? Pretty darn well in Finger Army 1942.” – ANDROID AUTHORITY

“Finger Army 1942 is a fun whack-a-mole Android game” – 91 MOBILES

“The games features really great graphics and can be enjoyed by all age groups…The game can be quite addictive. So, happy thumping away!” – FAMIGO Recommends for Kids, Tweens and Teens.


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    • You're not going to know what the heck you're doing. Keep playing. You're going to get rekt from not knowing what you're doing. Keep playing
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