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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Mopomon is the most innovative location-based mobile pet battle game. Play Mopomon outside to explore the virtual dungeons in your town and meet a lot of new friends. In this game, every player will be accompanied by a mopomon to fight bad mopomons and compete each other to be the best Mopomaster. By defeating bad mopomons or other players, player can increase the level, stats and skills of their mopomon. Now with PVP too! Editor’s pick by


The story revolves around the creatures called Mopomon who live on a parallel world in other dimension, Moponus. Huge crystals spread all over this planet as an energy producer to sustain the life on Moponus. Unfortunately, these crystals become contaminated due to the leakage of nuclear energy in the earth at the end of World War II.

The contaminated crystals made some mopomons become wild which leads to a never-ending war between good and bad mopomons. After struggling for decades, the good mopomons become increasingly overwhelmed and depressed by the bad mopomons. This situation lasted until the developer from Indonesia succeeded in creating a communication device that can connect with the good mopomons. The good mopomons used this opportunity to fight back against the bad mopomon.


* Customizable monster stats and skills. Using available stat and skill points, you can build your own mopomon!
* Exciting touch command! Every mopomon’s skill has its own pattern.
* Monster stamina system. You have to shake your phone whenever your monster is tired at battles.
* Location-based Dungeons. Go out and find dungeons around you. Don’t have any nearby? Email febiyan[at]mopomon[dot]com
* Multiplayer using Bluetooth. Fight your friends and prove who’s the best!


– Register at, wait for confirmation email and click the contained link.
– Login from the game app, create your mopomon.
– Pick one of two available mopomons, define its name and stats (STR is for physical damage, VIT is for health and defense, INT is for magical damage, DEX is for accuracy, AGI is for evasion, STA is for battle endurance-the amount of attacks before your mopomon run out of stamina)
– Add skills to your mopomon (do not use Flap/Improve Stamina, they haven’t been implemented). See the gesture code to be used in battles
– Find any dungeon around you from dungeon menu. If you can’t find one around you that’s fine. Email febiyan[at]mopomon[dot]com and I will add it for you.
– Go to main menu and tap on Arena, and click “fight wild mopomon”
– In battle, use the skills that you have given to your mopomon by using the gesture command. If your mopomon is tired, shake your phone when the gesture symbols appear.
– Win and level up your mopomon!

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Recent changes:
– PVP Mode (early beta). Battle your friends’ mopomon via Bluetooth! Show them who is better. This is the beta version, please expect bugs and report them to us. 🙂
– Mopomon Level and EXP information in Lair screen.
– Skill info in Skill screen.
– Added some new dungeons in Perth, Australia. Email to request dungeons nearby your city. Include the place name, the latitude-longitude pair (or street name), and place type (mall? school? field?).

Content rating: Low Maturity

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