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East Tower


East Tower

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Version 1.08
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Updated September 23, 2013
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Fully voiced mystery romance visual novel! (Voices are in Japanese)

Sakuya Morita (Name is changeable) always thought that her situation will be better if she was born as a man. One day, she was given the chance to try the new attraction at the Dream World virtual theme park, called the East Tower. Dream World is a virtual world where your inner wish can come true. Inside, Sakuya manages to transform into a man like what she has been wishing for. Later she finds other participants have also changed their appearance. And then an incident occurs, trapping everyone inside the virtual world.
What actually happened? Will they be able to return back to reality?
Everything is not as simple as it seems.

– You can get different endings depending on the selection you made. If you managed to beat all stages with S Rank, you will open the hidden stage, the Love Stage and find out what happened between the two main characters!
– You do not have to start over each time you get a game over. You can choose to repeat at the beginning of the stage.
– BGM, SFX, Voice, everything will be available in this game. You might also find some simple and nifty flash animation!
– A story's development that you might never have thought about. This game is just different!
– You can share your results as you pass through every stage on Twitter, Facebook Share and Tumblr! Let people know about how far you did on it!

East Tower is a mystery, comedy visual novel game for girls. The game will be released per character path, and there is a mystery that connects them together. We suggest you play the games based on the order below to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Akio – Taichi Tanukida
Akio (Child) – Eruru Takeda
Takashi – Souta Higurashi
Kuon – Lerage
Redhead Man (Kurenai) – Sakato
Yoshimi Yasuda – misaki
Takashi (child) – Jun Haruki
Daiki Morita – Yuya Kakitsubata
Mysterious Boy – Mitsuki Touzaki

*You will need to purchase to play each character's route. There are buttons which lead you to In App-Billing.
*Ads won't be displayed again if you bought the character's route.
*You need to install Adobe Air (free) from Google Play to play this app.
*Recommended to play on devices with 512MB or more memory(RAM).
*The save data is located at sdcard:/Android/data/
*If you got problem like crash or no sound, please try to delete East_Tower(en)_sys.lns inside the save data first.
*Please try the demo first before purchasing to know if it works okay with your device.
*Lately some of android buyers had their purchase cancelled by google because of high risk download. It's done automatically by google and I can't do anything about it. Yet, I found here: that you might fix this by remove your google account and add it again. Hope it helps!
Otome game, visual novel, GxB, Reverse harem, anime, manga, mystery, comedy, fantasy

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