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Androplane HD Lite


Androplane HD Lite

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Version 1.1.9
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Updated September 22, 2013
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“An engaging physics-based aircraft game which perfectly blends rich story background and fantastic game effects” –

Androplane is a 2D funny physics aircraft game with nice graphics,sounds effects that offers you the opportunity to control existing aircraft such as the F-15 Eagle and to take part to the battle to save the humanity while offering an exciting driving experience thanks to the physics engine.

For over 20 missions you’ll have to fight UFOs controlled by aliens with a wide range of real weapons and real aircrafts.
You will progress in gaining experience in the form of medails. But that’s not all, missions will increase your piloting skill and give you the possibility to increase the power of your aircraft and your weapons.

You will be caught in the middle of an addictive action!


The government is hiding to the population for many years the existence of an intelligent life’s form in our solar system and that since the Roswell incident.

From this alien technology and int the utmost secrecy, the world’s scientists have redoubled their efforts to assimilate the knowledge that human beings did not know and then try to reproduce this advanced technology.

This high intelligence sent several warnings to humanity.
Messages was short but sufficiently explicite to conclude that this new technology so risky recovered by humans does not belong to us and not knowing how to use it, it could not bring us good things.

A year later, a summer day, it is with amazement and horror as the world wakes up under fire feeds by alien spaceships. Our current technology did not see them coming from the atmosphere and space.
In one week the tier of the global population is decimated. Entire cities are abandoned . Most of human air forces were wiped out.

Currently, you are one of the latest pilotes still alive on earth. You must do your best and try to save the world …

Will you succeed?


Lite version features :
★ 4 type of missiles available.
★ 4 aircrafts available.
★ 3 types of ufo to down.
★ More than 14 levels with a special aliens to kill.
★ Nice sounds and effects.
★ Real physics engine processing
★ Collect stars in order to unlock stuffs.
★ Enjoy piloting a powerful aircraft.
★ Pilote your airplane by gravity sensing.

(Some screenshots come from PRO version)

Requirements : Android 2.2 (API 8) and more.
Recommended : Android 4.2.2 (API 17, Developped on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.) and more.


Nota :

Graphical and performance issues on old devices which run on android 2.2 can occur!

I’ve planned to often publish updates.

Have fun on Androplane!


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*Credits :
Musics and Sounds by hyderpotter, patchen, benboncan, grunz, jobro, spartanx109, zikweb on and
Androplane is made with AndEngine, an awesome game engine for android created by Nicolas Gramlich.

Tags : Armes arme soldier soldat equipement stuff weapons weapon Mitraillette soldat secoupe volante ufo onvi invasion Alien invasion boss Alien ultra high cool fun aircraft game Army planes plane game military fight assault war plane avion de chasse avions de guerre chasseurs poursuite action physics jeu free gratuit cheap aircraft Nice good epic battle aircraft game aircrafts game physics game aircraft physics avion jeu d’avions jeu physics jeu action avion aliens battle battles extraterrestres ufo aventure expérience bullet missile gun aviation jeu aviation tank 3d 2d tank game. Piloting pilot, aircraft games paper plane, PLANE, airplane! Amazing awesome!Free, cheap best airplane game ever.

Recent changes:
★ Bug fixed for the 11th level.

★ 7 new levels.
★ 5 new weapons available.
★ have a look at our newest RETRO MMORPG in development :

Thanks for playing!

To get full FX purchase pro version.

Content rating: Everyone

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