Developer FAQ

Good e-Reader is the largest Canadian Android App Store with a library of over 35,000 Apps and Games. In 2013 almost 120 million people downloaded apps from our website and Android app client.

The Good e-Reader Developer Portal is your gateway to distributing your free or paid app and reach a global audience. We have partnerships with many established hardware brands, such as Skytex and Icarus. They use our store on their complete range of tablets which gives you added reach.

What is the Developer Portal?

The developer system was made to serve indie app developers or established studios as a way to upload your complete library of apps, using our self-serve tools.

What type of Audience can I reach?

Good e-Reader is truly global. We do not use geolocation restrictions on our website or within our Android Client. It is very important to us that we the only truly global app market.

What type of art assets can I upload?

We support 1 Icon that can be used to display on our website and within our app client. We also allow developers to upload 3 screenshots of your app in order to give users a sense of how it looks. You can also upload a link to your YouTube promotional video, or in-game footage that will be displayed under the video tab.

We recommend the following

a small icon (114 x 114px)
a thumbnail (a larger version of the icon) (512 x 512px)
a minimum of three screenshots that accurately depict your app (1024 x 600px or 800 x 480px)

We develop AAA Titles or have large OBB/Data Files

No problem! We have just unveiled a new system to allow developers to upload their large OBB files. We host all of the files via Amazon S3, in order to give users very quick download rates. All you need to do is enter your package ID name EG (com.goode_reader.goode_readernews) and then upload your OBB file. Alternatively, you can self-host the data files on your own servers and just copy and paste the link. Users will have the data file automatically installed for them when they download your APK file.

How can we see if people are downloading our apps?

We have advanced metrics and statistics available on your main dashboard. You can see what your top 5 performing apps are and check out download history on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

A new version of our app is available, how do we update it?

In your Developer Portal simply click on “Update or Edit Existing App” and select the app you want to edit. Simply update the version number, date and upload the new APK. If your update includes a new OBB/Data file, you have to upload that as well.

Do you support paid apps?

We have a brand new App payment system that allows developers to post paid and free apps. Developers earn 70% off of each app sale and 100% on any in-app purchase. Good e-Reader wants to encourage developers who sell e-books or in-app purchases to unlock content to list their apps on the App Store in order to effectively monetize. Developers are paid via Check or Paypal at the end of the next month.

Whenever a developer sells an app, the financial information is immediately available in the Financial Reports Section. It is very easy to keep track of each sale and where it came from. You can also download the financial reports in CSV, which makes accounting simple.

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