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Antique Barometer

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UpdatedDecember 9, 2014
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Stylish antique barometer design which utilises the built-in barometer sensor to keep track of the weather or measure your altitude when you are out and about!
Allows you to keep track of the local pressure in your area and lets you know what this is likely to mean for the weather! Use the altimeter to measure altitude changes as you go walking in the hills or see how high up a building you’ve gone all without needing a phone signal or GPS.
Set the reference hand and then see how the pressure has changed since then, rising pressure leads to clear, sunny weather while falling pressure leads to rain or storms!
Place the analog widget on your home screen or lock screen to keep track of the current pressure and also the average pressure over the last hour, updated every 15 minutes.
Choose the units on the Barometer out of millibars (hPa), mmHg, inHg or kPa as well as a choice of metres or feet for the altimeter.
Ability to manually calibrate by inputting pressure from a local weather station to make it even more accurate. Rescale the barometer with one touch to match your locality anywhere in the world.
The altimeter can be calibrated using a known altitude, for instance, from a sign or a map. Calibrate whenever possible to keep the altimeter accurate as the pressure will fluctuate over the course of a day. Alternatively, set the altimeter to zero using the current altitude and measure relative to that. See how high you’ve gone up a hill, a building or anywhere while walking, cycling or driving.
Barometer sensors are in several modern Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note and Nexus 4 and 10.
New features coming soon! Including graphing features.
The internet permissions required are just for one banner ad to support future app development.

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