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PublisherQuentin Lagarde
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UpdatedDecember 1, 2014
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Meteociel arrives in current Version 3 December with a total overhaul!
The full weather, live, and free for all! (Without ads)
Weather heaven for android is the official app of the great French site

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News, weather live, weather patterns, France and city forecasts to 7 days, social aspect: discover what is the French Meteociel THE most comprehensive weather app:

* News weather: cold snap, thunderstorms, snow … With Meteociel, you are regularly informed of major phenomena with complete papers.
* Collaborative card: with the community made tens of thousands of users, Meteociel offers collaborative map in real time. Read comments from users all over France, and mail yourself your observations with or without photo on the collaborative map.
* Live Maps: maps showing dozens of parameters (temperature, pressure, wind, storm, satellite images) are updated every 15 minutes to follow live the state of the weather in France and Western Europe.
* Official transcripts: Check out the official records stations Meteo-France, hour by hour, nearly 200 French and European cities. These surveys are also displayed graphically.
* Models: Meteociel is the ONLY application that offers you a wide range of weather models allow you to establish yourself your own projections: GFS Europe and France, GEFS, ECMWF / CEP, UKMO, NOGAPS, COAMPS, GME / DWD, CFS Monthly and daily JMA, GEM, BOM ACCESS, WRF, CPTEC, CMA, NCMRWF, NAVGEM, NASA GEOS … These models offer forecasts, updated 1-4 times a day, more than 200h. Meteociel model leader weather in France, you always offers the latest models available. You can also view diagrams GEFS.
* Forecast: map of France or forecasts by city (manual selection or geolocation) to 7 days Meteociel tells you the current time to come, with complete and updated forecasts four times a day!
* Community: Talk weather, see your live comments, or just ask a question or weather enthusiasts on the official chat Meteociel.
All these features are available for FREE without in-app purchase, and without advertising. Why? Because Meteociel is the product of the work of many volunteers in order to offer you the best of the weather. The application is regularly updated to best match your needs. Meteociel is now adapted in a streamlined design to phones and tablets!
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