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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Weddar is the first people powered weather service in the world.

In Weddar you have real people reporting on how the weather feels, not machines, bringing a personal touch to weather services.

Instead of the usual broad and generic “New York, 93º f, 73% humidity, NE light wind” information that traditional weather apps give you, in Weddar someone somewhere in Central Park will tell you that the weather “Feels Perfect”, while another one near the river will tell you that it “Feels Good but windy”. Because weather conditions really are different within the same city.

And you can also contribute location-based weather reports from where you are, just by clicking on one of the nine color clouds.

If there isn’t any information yet on the place you want, you can make “Weddar Requests” and the Weddar community will surely fill that information out for you.


“Weddar Android App Gives a Human Touch to Weather Updates”;
“The good news is that Weddar Android app has something unique to offer. As you can see, unlike other weather apps, Weddar provides weather updates from real people”

“Weddar Is An Adorable Social Weather App”
“Weddar is all about making something that’s incredibly boring, the weather, interesting by crowd sourcing the data from users.”
“The reason Weddar will be successful a social app is because it’s easy-to-use.”

“It is a rather cool little application.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to look and see real, understandable stuff like “It feels awesome down by the lake today” instead? Say hello to Weddar.”

So… How does it feel? 🙂

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