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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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FastWeather, a simple and smart weather application !

New features of the 2.0 version :
– a simple, organized and smooth new interface to manage your weather,
– share feature on all social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more,
– speech synthesis to listen forecasts of your cities,
– a more and more extensive customization : color of your action bar, choice of your weather icons.

FastWeather is a weather application which allows you to obtain the forecasts on 4 days from all your favourite cities, whether it is in USA, United Kingdom or abroad. Wanting at once light and fast, this application delivers you in a blow of eye the weather conditions of all cities. The application works with an Edge, 3G or WIFI connection, does not require a huge connection speed and guarantees you the management of a large number of cities in the same time.

FastWeather takes its informations from the flow xml GoogleWeather, used in widgets iGoogle on the personalized homepage. Places are kept in memory to update all your forecasts in a single click. It is also possible to back up your favourites and reload them later.

For ever more simplicity, it is possible to localize you to obtain directly the weather report of the place where you are. A system of announcement is available to remain informed of the conditions, although it arrives.

FastWeather is thus a fast, simple, reliable but also complete weather client thanks to all its features: management of several cities at once, geo-localization, memorization of cities, forecasts in announcement.

Note : Please contact me before posting a bad mark, I will answer quickly. Most of the time your problem comes from a bad comprehension of the use of this application. So contact me by email or tweet me please 🙂

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Twitter :

Application tested on :
HTC Desire
HTC Desire HD
Samsung Galaxy S
HTC Wildfire
HTC Sensation

Version 1.0.1 :
– light modifications of the UI
– corrections of several bugs

Version 1.0.2 :
– new 4×1 widget
– deletion of your back up of cities now available
– new type of notification for cities
– totally compatible on Android 1.5
– corrections of several bugs

Version 1.0.3 :
– English/American is now supported !
– possibility to change the forecasts language (french, english, deutsch, italian, danish, japanese)

Version 1.0.31 :
– new “By default” option for language
– Spanish and German now supported !
– user experience improved

Version 1.0.4 :
– fix of a major bug in the refresh of informations
– fix of a minor bug in the refresh of informations
– minor correction on weather forecasts

Version 1.0.5 :
– Fahrenheit is now working ! 🙂
– Some minor bugs fixed

Version 1.0.52 :
– Weight optimization of the application: lighter by almost 30%!
– Fixed a bug reported by users

Version 1.0.53 :
– slight changes in the user interface

Version 1.0.54 :
– correction of a Celsius/Fahrenheit bug when the default langage is disabled

Version 1.1 :
Units of degrees in temperature now displayed

Version 1.2.1 :
Improvement of the city search engine : no more problem of update with certain cities!

Version 1.2.5 :
Now you can directly see your city on Google Maps

Version 1.2.51 :
Interface improvements

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