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UpdatedSeptember 23, 2013
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Feeling blech about your worn out weather app?  Wanting a forecast that has a sunny style and gets served up with a side of smiles?  Say goodbye to bore-casts and heyyy to our more-casts cuz the Magic Weather Van is the first and only app that’s stocked with good vibrations and weathertainment elation. You’ll thrill!  You’ll chill! You’ll gain insight on the appropriate clothing choices for the coming days so you don’t get ill!
Hop inside the Magic Weather Van App and we’ll drop you off at your weather stop! Whether Mama Nature’s brewing up Flakedelic snow, Breezilicious wind, or H2O Yeah drizzle, we’ve got the outside scoop on her 7 day menu.

“Wow.  I mean, WOW.  World of Warcraft is my favorite game.  I play it all… Oh, the Magic Weather Van?  Yeah, they’re good peeps.” Dennis, Warlock Level 3, Cleveland

“I hope people install this app.  Can we have nachos for dinner?” – co-creator, molly

“Oh man, this is the super-grooviest weather app ever! Totally telling my buds about it.” – future you, post-installation  

“This app is a breakthrough in weathertainment.” – Weathertainment Weekly

Product Description
The Magic Weather Van App from the Magic Weather Van is the only app you need for your every weather wish.  It’s got it all  – 7-Day Forecasts, Current Conditions, Sunrise and Sunset, and a cute little widget!  And some other things!  

Our weather comes via the fine folks at the National Weather Service.  It’s updated at least once every half hour.

The Magic Weather Van offers three im-port-tant-tay improvements on those generic weather apps.

First, the wood paneling – we know, awesome.

Second, we’ve condensed all those vaguely different weather types down into 9 icons we call Climes.  So whether it’s partly cloudy or mostly cloudy or excessively cloudy, you’re still gonna get a visit from our main cumulus dude, Puffins McCloudstein.

And third, our advanced system of Foroscopes!  What’s a foroscope, you are definitely asking since we made the word up?  It’s your horoscope based on your forecast!  

Now, we know the problem you’re going to run into: “This Foroscope is so amazing! I think it might have just explained why I love nachos so much!  I must tell everybody.”  In fact, you may want to use the app at least 5 times per day to make sure you don’t miss that moment. But have no fear! You can also share that moment with  The Power – The Power to Post to Facebook!  

That’s right, just click on the “Share the Magic” button, and we’ll start a post for you with a screenshot of the fun/ny/mind-blowing/silly/stupid foroscope/forecast that you had to pass on.

-National Weather Service weather information
-Original artwork and unique retro icon design
-Dope Foroscopes to keep you cool even in a heat wave
-Refreshify button to immediately update your current weather status (weather refreshes every half-hour on its own)
-“Share the Magic” feature to help you post a screenshot to Facebook
-In-app purchase to remove ads (even a Magic Weather Van has to pay for a fill-up every now and then)
-Detailed current conditions
-7-day forecast with expandable panel for detailed descriptions
-Homescreen widget to keep you up to date
-“Meet the Climes” button for clime personality profiles
-“Trav-O-blog” button to keep up with what’s going down in the Van

About the Magic Weather Van
Built by Molly and Matt, a Brooklyn-based pair of weather lovers, the Magic Weather Van is a cozy place to look outside the window and see what’s goin’ on.  

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