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UpdatedSeptember 17, 2013
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It is weather we jet of popular character “bocco”.
There are not many meanings even if I put it to the home screen.
Nothing reacts even if I tap bocco.
After update (update), weather live wall paper may black out.
It is specifications of the live wall paper.
In that case, please set our live wall paper again again after having set other wall paper once. Thanking you in advance.
It is weather we jet (Widget) of popular character “bocco”.
I do not tell home screen bocco, the time.
For 24 hours, the change of the weather notation is not possible for 12 hours, too.
In the first place I do not get the function of the clock.
It may be generated when I tap bocco (square) a lot what it is.
I may be angry by the double tap for some reason.
I go out to eat rice at just at 19:00.
※ The size that there is not the full version is maximum.
※ This application is home screen we jet.
The additional bill of fare of the we jet is displayed when I push and hold it for a few seconds over a screen at a home.
Please choose “bocco” among a list of we jets.
(a setting method varies according to a phone model.)
[a support model:] After 1.6 Android OS models 】
※ “bocco” is mysterious weather like the sun (cow).
There is not the meaning to put to the home screen.
By the comics, there are bocco teacher (teacher), “the hanguru child” of a pretty lecturer.
I help you put on bocco of mobile contents and change, and there cannot be the thing appearing for weather (comics), the game.
Yahoo! we jet, Google gadget less have it, and many goods cannot be exhibited by Yahoo Auctions (Yahoo Auctions), the Yahoo shopping.
I expect that I equal DL several run homer King by the Yahoo! we jet, and weather comes out very much.
I try so hard that popularity to equal blog parts appears.
With we jet including the bocco “sewing”, the weather live wall paper, I want to play with fashion model of the beautiful woman, reader models (reading モ).
I intend to introduce it to and Roy da.
bocco free of charge fortune-telling application “bocco fortune-telling Pro” is going to release it.
In the mobile site, I help you put on bocco free and change and wait free and am going to deliver the free games.
I am making a free ringing song to introduce bocco to, the site of the free ringing melody.
In animation and YouTube( YouTube), there is not the bocco animation at all with a smile.
In famous blog, SNS site, I am examining bocco community, the blog parts.
“bocco” is such a character.
Thank you very much.

Recent changes:
I revised it overall
It is test application as ever
Uncrowded phosphorus shots increased
I soaked the banner
There is the animation, too
I took the explanation into account
The version is big
I do not understand the weather
There is not the we jet function
Of course there is not the wall paper function, too
There is not the function in particular
bocco’s weather function ran out

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