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UpdatedDecember 31, 2012
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Sailing weather forecast maps designed for and by sailors.

With SailGrib, you will enjoy viewing weather forecast on your Android device.
Select the map that you want to get data for, request the grib file, download it and view its data on SailGrib.

FOR A LIMITED TIME –100% Free and Ad-Free!!

The area selection is very simple as SailGrib uses maps.
The data request is done through Saildocs. SailGrib prepares the email for you. You just have to send the mail using your regular email. When you get the Saildocs email back, download the attached grib file, open it to view its data. Data are extracted from NOAA GFS model.

– choose a map and overlay weather forecast data,
– download data using the best Grib files provider : Saildocs
– specify Saidocs request to your needs,
– Saildocs request can be adjusted to match a maximum file size
– Send the prepared mail using your regular email.
– Can be used with satellite phone email services like XGate with optimizer or the iridium AxcessPoint.
– Offline maps capability combined with satellite mail allows usage at sea.
– view weather overlays together on the same map

With SailGrib, you can download and view the following data from the NOAA GFS model:
– Wind (10m above sea level)
– Pressure (reduced to mean sea level)
– Precipitation (accumulated over 6 hours)
– Total cloud cover
– Air Temperature ( 2m above ground)

With SailGrib, you can specify the following parameters for your grib file request:
– grid resolution (0.5°, 1.0°, 1.5°, 2.0°)
– time interval between forecasts(3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours)
– number of days for the forecast(1 to 14)
– maximum file size. SailGrib estimates the size of the grib file you request and adjust the grid resolution and the time interval to make sure your file will size be
lower than your limit.

With SailGrib, you can view the following data:
– Windbarbs
– Isobars
– Precipitation maps
– Cloud cover maps
– Temperature maps

SailGrib is currently in Beta version. It is 100% Free and Ad-Free for a limited time.
SailGrib uses the JGRIB Java GRIB decoder ( and OpenStreetMap (

21 Nov 2012
– corrected minor bug where the app would crash on startup if no location provider (GPS, WIFI) was available.
– added an option to choose the display font size.

20 Nov 2012
– released of beta version to Google play

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