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Weather Watch Widget - Demo

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UpdatedDecember 31, 2012
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** NOTE: this is not an app, it’s a WIDGET. Long click a free spot on your home screen to add this WIDGET **
** Also note: the free version of this widget expires after 48 hours **

This is a simple widget that searches for and shows weather from the nearest available Weather Display compatible weather station using your devices

location, or you can choose a weather station from a (growing) list.

You can also configure the widget to point it to your own (or someone else’s) weather station if you know the URL to the clientraw.txt file that the Weather

Display software provides.

The database of weather stations it uses is based on the ones found here:

Update frequency is configurable to 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Or you can turn the scheduled update off. You can also you set an option to show the

current temperature, wind speed in the Android notification bar, as well as showing a rain icon if rain is detected.

Underneath the ‘weather description’ line, the widget shows a series of up to 6 weather measurements (rain today, average windspeed in last 10 minutes, max

gust in last hour, humidity, pressure, dew point temperature, indoor temperature). These can be individually turned on or off. There is only space for 2 per

line though.

Temperature units are configurable to Celsius or Fahrenheit. Wind units can be knots, mph, kph, m/s. Humidity is displayed as a percentage figure. Pressure

can be displayed in inches or millibars. Rain Units are configurable to mm or inches. Daily min/max temperature can also be shown in very small text next to

the main temperature value.

The widget also shows a wind direction indicator (a white arrow) which points in the direction the wind is going (up for north). The arrow gets thicker if

windspeed increases.

A red up arrow is shown to the right of the temperature reading if the temperature is going up (in the last hour), or a blue down arrow is shown if it’s

going down. A green arrow can be shown next to the rainfall value indicating air pressure tendency (up or down).

The widget background can be changed to either black, transparent, semi transparent, a cloud or a dynamic 10 hour graph of temperature, rain, pressure or


Please email me at if you have any ideas for improving this widget. Please also let me know if you want to help with the language

translations for your country!

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