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Metam - A METAR & TAF viewer

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UpdatedDecember 31, 2012
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*** New ***
Join the Metam User group community here to help shape the future of Metam:

Metam is a METAR & TAF weather viewing application for flight planning. It was created with the pilot in mind. Its goal is to quickly load individual airports or airports along a flight path and allow the pilot to view METAR and TAF weather conditions efficiently.

Metam applies the latest mobile software development guidelines to give the user an intuitive and efficient experience. This is accomplished by utilizing user interface concepts typically found in Android 3.0 and later, and making these concepts available to Android 2.2 (Froyo) and newer devices.

Why use Metam?
* Airport input flexibility: Choose between individual airport listings or flight path listing
Single airport input: Specify the airport’s ICAO id; i.e. KAUS
Multiple airport input: Separate airport ICAO ids using commas; i.e. KAUS,KJFK,EGLL,NZCH
Flight path input: Define departure and arrival airport, separated by a minus sign; i.e. KJFK-KSFO

* Flight path input lists all airports along the great circle route within 10 NM of the flight path
* Flight path input also supports multiple airport waypoints, such as KMIA-KATL-KDFW-KSEA (note that navaids, such as VORs or GPS fixes cannot be used for waypoints)
* Tactical Decision Aid (TDA): An FAA tool that displays TAF data in a color coded graphical matrix and makes this data relevant to each runway for the airport (only available to larger US airports)
* Multiple cloud layer display: Metam shows up to three METAR reported cloud layers in its information panel
* Built-in global airport database: If you don’t know an airport’s ICAO code, look it up using the built-in global airport database
* Intuitive and efficient user interface: Metam uses the Actionbar and horizontal left/right page swiping for efficient navigation between pages
* Ad Free: Metam does not include in-app ads and uses minimal permission (internet for data download) for a distraction-free experience

How Do I Use Metam?

* Select Menu > Help to view all help information!
* Tap the plus (+) icon in the action bar to add airport(s) using either single airport, multiple airports or flight path inputs (see above for input examples)
* Short press on an airport to view its TAF and TDA
* Long press on an airport to view additional actions, such as viewing the airport’s raw METAR
* Add a new page by pressing Menu > Add Page
* Delete a page by pressing Menu > Remove Page

Future plans for Metam include:

* Displaying multi-day forecast and radar information (if available)
* List nearby airports for a selected airport
* Multiple METAR and TAF data source (for redundancy)
* Displaying NOTAMS (long term plan)
* Widget display (long term plan)

** NOTE **
With version 1.0, Metam is limited to 8 pages of airports. This is due to performance issues with using more pages and large lists of airports. I hope to sort this out in future versions and remove this restriction.

Please send any feedback or suggestions to:

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